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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wren Bay

Have you read this book yet?  It is written by Clarice Fox-Hughes and is based on the things her blog is about - the delight of caring for your home and family.

If you love home making you will love this book.  It is a sweet story of a young woman named Wren new bride to Devlin Bay.  He brings her to his childhood home, Bay Farm, before he must head out to the war.  Wren learns to make his home her home, while dealing with her loneliness with Devlin being away.  Wren has grown up in the city and now lives in the country, she wants to learn to be the helper that Dev will need her to be, so she learns to conquer her fears, and in doing so makes friends with the caretaker's family.

This book is full of the delight of walking alongside Wren as she makes the house more her style, makes gifts for holidays, cooks, learns to milk a cow...

I enjoyed this book very much and am eagerly waiting for the next book about Wren Bay. 

You can find Clarice at her blog Storybook Woods and you can purchase her book here.


Emily Fay said...

I have heard so many wonderful things about this book, but haven't purchased it yet. I have it on my wish list :) Thanks for the review.

no spring chicken said...

Thanks for the recommend! Definitely sounds like something I would enjoy, of course I do already appreciate Clarice!

Love your son's recitation! Precious.

Blessings, Debbie

Vee said...

Brenda at CTB and Me has also reviewed this book and I was intrigued then. Now you've got me curious all over again. Thanks for the reminder.

tea time and roses said...

Autumn is certainly my reading season and must add this one to my list. It sounds wonderful! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful week.



Mama to 12, so far said...

I would love to get this book and get a breath of fresh air!

Thanks for the review.

Anonymous said...

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