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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hawk Mountain

 We went north about an hour and a half today, with friends from church.  Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is a beautiful place with wonderful views.  


 Up at the North overlook - the hike up here almost killed me.  Wow - it is really is tough.  My friend Kelly and I both made it and are very proud of ourselves.

 I love this photo...these girls love their Daddy.

 Kyle had a wonderful time...he has so much energy!  

We got lots of exercise, perspired like crazy, saw a few broad winged hawks, but no bald eagles.  We had a very nice afternoon!

I am not sure if I would do this hike again, at this point in my life I would have to say 'no'.  But, I could enjoy sitting at the south overlook with a book, a thermos of tea, a blanket for cushioning...

I hear that November is the golden eagles month to migrate.....


  1. Wow!! Thanks for sharing the photos. Such a beautiful point on God's marble!

  2. Those are very beautiful views. November, huh? Well, no one would

  3. we love it there, it is near Tim's home town and family, we went there a lot during our dating season. :) Great place, beautiful!

  4. It was wonderful seeing the sights you saw w/o the exercise/perspiration, etc.!

    (I DO know it wasn't the same as actually being there...)

  5. Wow! Looks like great minds think alike... So, how'd you do your hair? ;)

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. Wow! My cap is tipped to anyone who made that climb. I had to laugh at the Bald Overlook photo. Very pretty spot on earth and I bet the kids had a fabulous time.

  7. Beautiful! Sounds like a great trip!


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