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Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Glasses

I got my new glasses last Saturday.  It all started about a year ago when I realized that I could see better to read without my glasses.  My eye doctor had been warning me for years that this was coming, so I wasn't shocked.  I gave him a call to schedule our yearly appointments and much to my disappointment they no longer took our insurance.  This is a real bummer because the whole family likes him - he's great with the kids, his office people are wonderful.  Sadness all around on our part.

I decide that I will wait until our friend from church who is an eye doctor opens his new place and then go see him.  In the mean time I stop wearing my glasses and I get very used to that.  The office opens and I start to say "I need to call and schedule my eye exam."  This goes on for months.  Then we buy our business.  Then I say it some more.  Sigh....

Finally I make the appointment and go in.  This is the result.

 Glasses once more, with a progressive lens.  They were relatively easy to adjust too.  I am now officially old.

 This is my epic I look noble?  

This is me laughing after the "epic" pose!

 Here you can see all my fine lines...and the cute sides of my "Sophia Loren" frames.  

Now I am seeing well, and it is scary.  I liked looking at myself with my own 'soft filter' of bad eyesight! 

So now confession time to make me feel many of you have a bifocal?


  1. Well, I'm much older than you, but I have progressive lens & really like them. (I DO need to get new prescription though. It's been far too long.)

    I like your frames - VERY nice!

  2. What lines? I've been delaying going to the doctor, too. I use cheaters for reading.

    Those glasses are really cute and don't you feel better about being good to yourself and taking care of your eyesight? Well done!

  3. You're so beautiful and your new glasses are really pretty. I like the details on the sides.

  4. I had the same thing happen where my distance vision got better in my early 40s!

    I've had bifocals for about five years now. I can see okay in the house without my glasses so I tend to wear the bifocals only when I'm out and about (and driving) and keep reading glasses on the coffee table and near the computer. I can't read without them... getting older!

  5. Bifocals sound old! Progressive sounds like we are getting older but not quite there!! I wear progressives although I really only need for reading! I hate taking on and off so have clear on top!!

  6. You are so cute! (And the "epic" pose. ;-)

    I'm on my way to September when I am eligible for new glasses under our insurance. I have been putting it off until I could stand it no longer. And the time has come. I am sooooooo done with wearing my glasses out so that I can see across the store, and then taking them off so that I can read a price tag or a label. Blah.

  7. As you know, I have graduated to progressive lenses and LOVE them.
    I also really like your new glasses.
    Warren got his glasses at the same place you got yours. They have a very nice selection. Great choice on your frames. I like them...and I like Warren's too.

  8. I love your new glasses! My test for liking someone's glasses is whether they blend with the person's face or not, and yours do. You made the perfect choice!

    I had to get bifocals several years ago - maybe four? Or is it six by now? Both my husband and I need to go to the eye dr. but we are waiting for some funds. And we are going to switch eye doctors; I was treated shamefully two years ago at my last appointment when I told the dr. I was getting my glasses from Sam's Club instead of from him. (I figure I saved about half, and I've been 100% satisfied with the ones I got from Sam's.)

    There are still times when I take my glasses off to see something close up, mostly when I do needlework or sewing. My eyesight is so bad that it can't be corrected to 20/20, but I have the advantage of being able to see detail better without my glasses. Whatever works, right?

  9. I don't have bifocals but I WANT them. Right now, I'm just wearing reading glasses because, apparently I'm too fifty to read without them.

    I'm tired of the school marm look when I'm going between reading and not reading at church.


    And yours are really pretty on you.
    And I laughed at your epic pose.

  10. And btw, I love your name. It's not all that common, and it's the name of both my mother and my older daughter.

    Just thought I would mention that.
    Mom reads my my blog and my comments, and she said, "You found another Deanna!" LOL

  11. I got progressive lenses 3 years ago. I have stopped wearing them for about a year now, (because I really don't like wearing glasses) and use reading glasses instead. Now, I must say, I do occasionally put on those bifocals when my eyes feel extra tired. Your glasses look very nice, and the fine lines are lovely too. I have some of those as well.

  12. You look fantastic, In your Sophia Loren's,i say we are not getting older, just getting better! ~smile~
    isn't it amazing what a new pair of glasses will do, and I do wear bifocal. My glasses are the first things I pick up in the mornings.
    Enjoy! Hugs,

  13. They look wonderful...and so do you. I do have the experience of needing glasses. Always a hard choice and so expensive. I want to share something with you I learned recently.
    It is so reasonable it is hard to go wrong. I to rimless, progressive, with everything for under $100. Really! You should check it out. I now have some "fun"
    glasses too. But yours are beautiful and made the perfect choice.

  14. Welcome to the world of the bifocal generation! You have plenty company! Your glasses look great on you. Great choice!


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