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Friday, March 30, 2012

Today Is The Day!

Well, half of my family leave today for an amazing trip to Senegal.  They will be there for the field conference, and get to visit the village that Tim grew up in, staying overnight with one of the families.

We hope the girls capture the big picture of God being at work in the world.  All of history is HIS-tory.  

I'm excited for them - thrilled that the girls can take this trip with Tim.  He has not been back to Senegal since he was 12.  I am going to miss them though and I am feeling emotional this morning.  The rest of us will be holding down the fort here...their are lots of fun things planned for the younger set, including a trip on a train to the capitol.  

We took Rachel, Sarah and Kyle out to lunch yesterday for something special to do with Daddy before his trip.

They will have access to the internet for the first week, at least, and I hope to hear from them and to get some photos.  I will share them as I am able.

Thanks for your prayers!


  1. Since I'm very new to your blog, I don't or didn't know the back story. This sounds really wonderful for them!

  2. Many prayers for a wonderful trip! Looking forward to hearing all about it. What a great photo!

  3. His story is the only history that will direct us eternally.

    How nice that you shared a lunch and that you will have some photos...I can imagine how much you will miss your sweetie and praying for comfort, peace, and patience while you are apart.


  4. Awww....I'm sure this is a time of real mixed emotion for you. Hugs, Friend. They will have a blast and you will enjoy your time doing things in a different way for the next two weeks and then when all of you are back together again it will be happy CHAOS.
    Praying for their safety and for many happy memories from a meaningful trip.


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