Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Precious Gift

I told you about the fun we had and that Jack (our associate pastor) had brought me a gift.

Did he ever.

He brought a gift of himself and it brought tears to my eyes.

 The handwriting says "May your young people be encouraged by this example of what the Lord can do. Jack"

The kids enjoyed me reading one at the dinner table and then the younger kids asked for more...

I am thankful for this example of Godly faithfulness to the woman he met when she was 15 and he was 17.  They married 5 years later after the war ended and are married still today.

It is a treasure from his heart - I am blessed to be gifted with it.


  1. I read your prior post, too - but will just "comment" here.... Your dear associate pastor Jack must appreciate the warmth and love of your family. Bless his (and his Anne's hearts).

    Sore throat here, too. I was also light-headed and called it "sinus". That's what it felt like. No fun. Hope your household continues to be flu-free.

  2. Jack is a treasure. And he shared a treasure with you. I wish, so much, you had known Ann when she was not so confused. What a lovely lady...... it is no wonder he remains so deeply in love with her. I am sure he enjoyed his time with your family.
    Did he get out of there for his 10 pm bedtime? lol

  3. Ohhhh, he had me with the first line...leaving a little misty-eyed this morning. Oh who am I kidding? I need some tissues. What a sweetheart and his wife must be, too, for him to love her so.

  4. Such tender words, full of loving memories and some sorrow for the present circumstance. My heart is touched by Jack's example of faithful love.

  5. What a beautiful treasure, indeed a wonderful blessing. enjoy!

  6. What a beautiful treasure, indeed a wonderful blessing. enjoy!


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