Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm Dreaming

of a new...

Isn't she a beauty.  Of course this one is very likely just that, a dream, but a new stove is on the list for this year.

We've learned to hold these plans loosely in our hands knowing that the Lord may bring something else as a priority.

We do a lot of cooking and baking our here.  I hear that more and more families hardly use their kitchens, but around here our kitchen, and our stove, are work horses!

We've had it for 18 years now.  The front right burner doesn't always work, but every thing else does.  I am so thankful for this faithful 'servant' to our family.  

Most nights we have 10-12 people eating here.  On Sundays we can have 20+ people eating here - last evening it was 16 people.  

I am wanting to replace the electric with a gas stove as well.  We have propane heat and a gas water heater and a gas clothes dryer, so the next appliance to change over will be the stove.  I grew up in Southern California cooking and heating with natural gas, and I like it better than electric.

So, given the fact that the AGA is a dream, I am looking for recommendations.  

What are you cooking on?  How many times a week do you use it?  How long have you had it?



  1. A new stove is on my wish list as well. You'll likely get yours first. I'll learn from you as you do your research. :-)

  2. Oh I grew up with a gas stove but I am cooking with electric glass top and I really do like it! I cook at least 5 out of the 7 days! We eat out or take-out the other two days! I enjoy my little kitchen but can't imagine feeding ALL of those folks that you feed:) Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  3. Oh I have dreamed of that myself! As you know, I have a new gas stove. It's a Frigidaire. It is not a workhorse. ☺

  4. My current stove is an electric one and gets a workout every day. Right now there is a pot of chicken stock simmering gently on the back element. I'd love to have a gas stove, but there's no gas to this house.
    I hope you get some good advice from other commenters.

  5. I have a GE Profile dual fuel that's gas top with electric oven, and it is WONDERFUL! Blessings on a new stove for this year . . . especially with as much cooking as you do.

  6. AGAs are wonderful! At least to look at. I'm sure they're a dream to cook on. I don't know anyone that has one. I've just seen them in British mags and blogs.

    Wow that's a lot of people to cook for everyday!

  7. I hope you're blessed with a new stove sooner than later! It is really nice to have an appliance that works well and is easy. Many times we can make do, but it is such a blessing to have something nice.

    I cook a lot, but usually only for four. I can't imagine not using the kitchen though. I can get tired of cooking, but I know I would not want to eat out all the time or have frozen tv dinners. :)

    I had a gas stove for years and really liked it. It is still in my basement for canning etc. We just finished the kitchen in our new to us house and it was set up for electric, so I have an electric flat top now. I like it too.

  8. I have that on my list as well! My stove gave out before Christmas and I have been cooking on a little 2 burner thing from WalMar+ since then!

    We use that thing about 7 days a week and nearly three times a day. I hope it holds out until we can buy another stove, but I don't think it will.



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