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Saturday, December 28, 2013

63 Days

We have 63 days until Lindsay and Joseph's wedding.  To say that mind brain is in full wedding mode would be an understatement!

We have a lot done.  

Wedding Gown - check!

Bridesmaids Dresses - check!

Bridesmaids shoes - check!

Flower Girl Dress - check!

Plates for brunch and dessert - check!

25 round white tablecloths on loan - check!

Still need to do - 

Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Silver glitter belts for 5 bridesmaids

Find a dress for me - I have a few I'm ordering to try

Meet with floral designer - a dear friend who is offering her skills for free - we will pay for flowers that she will order for us.

Meet with Amy who is organizing the brunch - another dear friend.

Gather supplies for the reception tables.  This is underway!  Fun stuff!  Right up my alley!

Need to decide on flowers or tulle and greenery for the church pews.

We need to order jewelry for the bride and bridesmaids.  

Find a black suit for Tim and Kyle.

Order bow ties for ushers, and younger brothers on both sides.

If I am absent a day or two, here and there, you'll understand right?

I love sharing this whole thing with you.  Thanks for your comments and encouragement!


  1. Enjoy the process and the craziness. It's once in a lifetime and full of memory-making moments. And when it's not fun anymore, step back for a bit and ask why. Maybe you'll need a day away from all the hullabaloo.

  2. You have a lot less to do, but have done a lot of major things already. Chip away at your list -- and it will all fall together beautifully I know! I hope you can enjoy each moment of all of it-planning included!

  3. It was fun talking with Lindsay after Sunday's Christmas Service. It's been so long since I last saw her. She looked radiantly happy.

    I have confidence in you. The wedding day will come together. You are a lady with a flair for arranging, it will be a beautiful day all 'round. But I understand your feelings in the countdown.

    May you find a dress you like for yourself in good time.


  4. Of course, we shall understand. If you post the day of the wedding, I'll come down there and shake you. Ha! Sounds, though, as if everything is under control.

  5. Such joyful excitement at your house! And you have many things checked off of your to-do list! Praying that the Lord continues to guide...and I know He will!

  6. Oh what a fun time! Sometimes getting the plan on paper is a big deal to me! We have my Nephew's beach wedding coming up in June! I am really looking forward to it! Have a blessed week ahead dear friend and a VERY Happy New Year! BIG HUGS!

  7. Oh a wedding! a wedding! a wedding! Yes yes yes, details are good!! Enjoy this very special time!

  8. Oh what fun - enjoy every minute of the planning and prep it comes and goes so quickly. What blessings are coming your way!

    Happy New Year!


  9. It's already been said by almost everyone who has commented, but I'll repeat it as well...Enjoy every moment of the process! It is such a precious memory-making time for you and your daughter. I just experienced this first hand and it resulted in a deepening of our relationship! Sweet moments that I have tucked away in my heart forever! I am praying yours will be the same!


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