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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Beauty, A Reward For Craziness

Tim and I took Kyle and Sarah to see the new Hobbit movie yesterday.  It was fun to watch them and listen to them.  Sarah has read the book and loves it, so she was commenting "that never happened" a lot, but she liked it.  Kyle meanwhile was loving every action packed moment and chewing his gum 90 miles an hour in some parts.  Seeing their enjoyment made mine all the better.

However this was a big grocery week for me, and I really couldn't skip it. 

Now Fridays are always crazy at Costco no matter what time you go, but yesterday was, well, you'd think that it was Christmas Eve! Tim kept saying, "Is it always like this on Fridays?" I think maybe he was considering hazard pay for me or something! Ha!

I had to tell him that, "No, it's usually not this bad," when the reason came to me!  We are due to get about 5 inches of snow today, so people were busy getting their bread, milk and TP.  Around here if they are predicting even and inch of snow, people buy out the milk, bread and TP just in case the plows can't get that snow cleared in a few days time.

Emma met us at Costco and took Tim, Kyle and Sarah home, while I continued my journey.  Both of the other stores I went to were fine - no craziness in the stores, just lots of traffic!

Here is a photo I look while waiting at a red light.  There was more in the far back of the van as well.  That big red bag.  A gift for Tim, but don't tell okay?

As I headed down the road to run the van through the car wash to wash some road salt off the undercarriage of the van, I ran into traffic.  I don't know what was causing the slow moving traffic, but it took 10-15 minutes to go a distance that normally takes 3 minutes.


But I was rewarded for my efforts.  I was reminded that God sees my efforts on behalf of my family.  Want to see what He gave me?

Such beauty.  Thanks, Lord.


  1. Oh His gifts are wonderful! And more wonderful and very delighting to Him, I'm sure, are the times when we have eyes to see them! (I took your title in a completely different way from your intended meaning and so have been laughing ever since. My first thought was: I must know more about this! LOL!) I am off to brave the throng momentarily and it will be busy for all the same reasons.

  2. Such a beautiful, beautiful sky! Yes, a gift!

    Glad your "littles" enjoyed the movie...good times shared. And I'm glad you were able to conquer the shopping! Now that's behind you...

    A lovely weekend to you...

  3. And if you hadn't been detained you would have missed the whole thing! Just beautiful. My girls are at a Lord of the Rings party right now. A group of friends decided to have an all-nighter to watch the previous movies before going to see the new one.

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. I'd rather drink powdered milk than venture into craziness. And I despise powdered milk but keep it around, just in case.


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