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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Birthday

Today is my sweethearts' birthday!

He's the best Christmas present his Mama ever got.  That's what he says, and when she hears that she agrees!  

Last night, the girls and I were up when he got home from work.  He was surprised.  Then he got crazy hugged by Emma, then Lindsay joined in, then Sarah came out of her bed to join in! (Rachel spent the night with Grandma)  They were loud and hanging on him in a giant group hug, saying over and over "Happy birthday, Daddy!"  They are a bit nutsy, but he loved it!

This morning the family is going to meet up for breakfast and then later whoever is available may go on a hike.  

I am thankful for this man.  He is a gift to our family.  I've learned so much about serving others from him.  It's his gift, and he is good at it, and always quietly and behind the scenes.

Happy Birthday, Tim.  You are loved.


  1. Love these pics! I sure know what the second to last one is about.

  2. Oh I could say so much about this...gals who love their dad this much...well, it certainly speaks well of him, doesn't it?! Happy Birthday to Tim!


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