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Saturday, December 7, 2013

White As Snow

Last night was our annual Christmas Tea at church.

It was beautiful.

 My dear friend Susan spoke.  Our theme was White As Snow from Isaiah chapter one - "Though your sins are as scarlet, they will be white as snow."  Perhaps an odd verse for a ladies tea, but as Susan said last night, it is Grace to us.  The LORD, Jehovah, that Great I AM has said this to us.  When He uses things in our live to draw us to Him it is grace, and he repeats to us "Though your sins be as scarlet, they will be white as snow." Beautiful truths.

My friend Amy did the tree for the food table.  Isn't it great?  

 This style is so different, than what either one of us would do in our own homes.  But wow we had fun with the theme!  Silver and white.  I did the tables, and also used all my tea cups, teapots,  and luncheon plates.  Our ladies all bring either a savory or a sweet to share.

 Scones, homemade lemon curd, and strawberry jam.

Several ladies helped with the clean up at church.  We use our sanctuary, so we had to take down the tables, and pack up the decorations, and VACUUM. 

It was raining, too,  a steady soaking rain.  When we got home we left the lamps, and decor in the car but brought the dishes and tea cups in.  I washed them up and headed straight to bed!  

It was such a special night.

Amy and I are so addicted to event planning.  We already know what we are doing for next years tea!

I'm already looking forward to it!


  1. Oh I even look forward to your annual tea. I think you gals know how to enjoy fellowship around The One Who gives the desire for the lovely in the first place. Too bad that it hadn't snowed just a little to go with your theme, though perhaps He was reminding you of the latter rains. = D

    That was some load of dishes to wash up!

  2. And I forgot to say how lovely you look...that shade of blue is your color!

  3. What a beautiful setting and theme! I especially liked the photos taken in the dark.

    Event planners, huh? You really should give us a hint what you have in mind!

    Just how many cups WAS that? Did you supply them all?

  4. What a wonderful time! the table and decorations are lovely and that is quite a batch of dishes you did after you got home after cleaning up at church! A lot of work but so worth it. I see those rectangular glass plates--I have a bunch of similar that were my mom's and I use them more than i thought I would for serving groups where people need to eat on their laps. There's a place for the cup.

  5. Oh what a fun time! Gorgeous decorations! LOVE the trees and the colors:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  6. You and Amy are quite a team! The tea party looks lovely in every way!

  7. Sounds like a special and fun evening. Loved the decor!

  8. Now at the 2013 tea and what a great tradition and I loved seeing the snack plates used. I have a lot of those too. This would be a lovely way without a lot of expense as you see these at all the thrift stores!


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