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Monday, August 31, 2015

Just A Few Photos

These are unedited, but I thought I'd show you just a few photos from the kids' photo shoot with Lindsay.

Our goal with the photos was to show a bit of their personalities and their interests at this stage in each of their lives.  Can you tell what those interests are?


  1. Lindsay did a great job!! The kids are growing up so quickly and so nicely.

  2. GREAT pictures:) Have a blessed and exciting week ahead! HUGS!

  3. WONDERFUL pictures!! Full of personality...beautiful subjects!! Fabulous job, Lindsay!!

  4. Oh I LOVE them all. I WANT them all. Oh LINDSAY... I need to have her do some of daddy and I.

  5. Personalities DEFINITELY seemed to show through....and I picked up a couple of "interests" at least.

  6. Oh my! How wonderful they all are!


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