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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

To The Rescue!

The last two days, I have been busy doing school, running the household, driving Rachel to work and picking her up (late - 11:30pm), visiting with my parents, Oh, and rescuing Tim!

Monday afternoon, just as Rachel and I were pulling back into the driveway from a quick trip to the gas station for fuel for the riding mower, I got a call asking how soon could I get to a certain location.  This place is about 40 minutes away and it was around 2:30, and Tim had a 3:00 inspection.  And he had locked the keys in the van.  "We'll leave right away!"

This meant a quick change out of my mowing clothes, Rachel grabbing her uniform for work and we ran out the door!  On the way, Tim called to say that his 3:00 appointment cancelled for the day, so there was no hurry.  That was nice but we did have to hurry because I had to get Rachel to work at 5:00.  

Everything worked out perfectly, I got her there with time to spare!

Yesterday, I got a similar call in the afternoon.  This time the van wouldn't start!  But he was at his third inspection site for the day, but could I come and give him a jump? He wasn't certain it was the battery - he was leaning toward it being the starter, but we'd start there.

Now, as nothing is ever just straightforward here, my Mom was here for the day and was waiting for my dad.  She agreed to take Kyle and Sarah to her house (as I didn't know when Tim and I would be done) and I would pick them up on my way home.  Rachel changed into her uniform quickly, and I was going to take her to Lindsay, who was going to take her to work for me.  

Oh, and did I mention that the jumper cables were in Tim's truck (not work vehicle) and that he had loaned it to his friend who is preparing to auction his home and move to a retirement community?  He'd had the truck for a week, no problem because I was driving his VW Jetta in exchange.  But Tim needed me to bring the truck, so Rachel and I again headed out to get the truck, drop her at Lindsay's and then I'd be on my way.  

Rachel drove and I checked the map app to see where I was headed to meet Tim.  Turns out I'd be going past Rachel's workplace, so we stopped and exchanged vehicles, stopped quickly to tell Lindsay that I'd just take Rachel, dropped Rachel at work, and headed out to meet Tim.

Are you still with me?  Are you on the edge of your seat with excitement yet?

Anyway, it was a lovely day, and I was reminded again of how beautiful Pennsylvania is.  I arrived and as he was finishing his last inspection for the day.  We tried to jump the vehicle but that wasn't it, so we headed out to borrow a jack and lifts from our friends who live in the area.  Then went by the auto parts store for a starter, back to the job site to replace the starter.

Several things I am thankful for.  

1. Tim has the knowledge and skill to work on our vehicles.

2. He had all the tools he needed with him.

3.  The seller of the home, owned a pizza and sub shop, and brought Tim a giant hoagie!  We split it for our dinner!

4. The house is unoccupied.

5.  The realtor that showed up to show the house to clients mentioned a unique property just down the street, and said we had to see it!

Its like a Disney castle at the end of the road!  This wasn't the best angle to see it from but the best I could do.

I hope he doesn't need to be rescued today, because I have to take Rachel to cello, then I really must finish beading Kay's veil, I have some ribbon and beads to add to the flower girl basket and ring bearer pillow, some silk flowers to buy, school to do.

 I'm grateful for family that helps out.  The kids had fun playing wii at my parents house, and hanging out.  Tim and I visited for a while, I cleaned up the kitchen (my mom had fed the kids dinner), then Tim took the kids home and I stayed a few more hours before picking Rachel up from work at 11:30.  I certainly hope she won't be on this closing schedule for ever!  

I am so thankful though that I am available to help Tim as needed, as well.


Becky K. said...

What a crazy week....But it looks like you are making the most of it. Great castle find!

Terra said...

You had quite a few adventures, and that unique house is spectacular. I like all the little rooms that must be in the towers.

Elizabeth said...

Wow you have been busy! What a beautiful home! I would love to see the inside!

Rebecca said...

What a whirlwind! My head is spinning :)

Anonymous said...

That is some house. Wow!

podso said...

Phew you might collapse when this is all over! Amazing house--some would call that a "folly."

Cheryl said...

They saw that fact is stranger than fiction. Sometimes I think that it is. You couldn't make these things up!! But the truth of the matter is that He is directing our steps and you are so wise to choose to be grateful!

Hope you were able to stay at home and make some progress on the beading today. :)

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