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Sunday, August 30, 2015

What We Did On Saturday

We now are at 6 days and counting until the wedding!  

Emma and Vinnie have arrived, and the projects are getting knocked off the list.  Of course, not all the projects are necessary for the wedding, but it is a good motivator to get projects done that we've wanted to do for some time.

This play gym had seen better days.  Rachel and Sarah dismantled it!

 I trimmed a lot of tree branches that were hanging down too low, and or were dead.  Kyle loaded them all into the back of the truck, then the play gym wood was loaded and taken to our burn pile.  It'll get burned in a week or so.

 This other play gym is in fine shape.  It's nearly 30 years old, made by our neighbor for his own son and given to us nearly 10 years ago.  The play house was here when we moved in and we've always wanted to do something with it.  It was just low on the priority list. See that weird roof overhang in front?  That's gone!

Tim and I leveled it and then he and Sarah tore the shingles off. 

 Tim put some rubberized belting on instead.  It's white and looks good.  I'm going to paint it this week with some leftover outdoor paint and then I'll take some 'after' photos!

This guy worked hard with being our gopher, hauling tree branches, and other 10 year old boy work.  

I mowed the property, we'll do it one more time before Friday.  Kyle will mow the riding arena this week, as that is where we are going to park the cars.

I also finished the table centerpieces yesterday!  Now to just finish beading Kay's veil, buy the desserts for the reception, and put together the bridal flowers.  

It'll be Saturday before we know it!


  1. It's going to look SO good! I can't wait to see the unveiling :)

  2. You have a lot of good help! Can't wait to see the playhouse. The countdown has begun in earnest.

  3. Busy, joy-filled week. I am so looking forward to all the before and afters. Pace yourselves now!

  4. Six days!! Is that FUN or FRIGHTENING?! :D
    Praying for you all this week...that it is a time of joy and ministry!


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