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Friday, August 21, 2015

Summer Is Waning

It's been a memorable one.  We've worked hard, we've played, went swimming, enjoyed a visit from California family, Tim's mom came to spend two weeks with us, we enjoyed a visit from Emma and Vinnie, and have planned a wedding.

The weather here has been very hot and humid the last week or so, but we are having nice weather right now.  I am beginning to see changes in some trees that are early September changers; leaves on the ground, a bit of color change here and there.  Real autumn weather is five weeks away, but the signs of seasonal change has begun.  

I started making a few autumn wreaths yesterday.  I've had a few ideas in mind and wanted to try them out.  I am interested in selling them.  

 I was looking for a vintage, neutral look here.  It's very different than my usual style!

I think this ribbon from Costco is so pretty, too!

What do you think?

Are you noticing that the seasons are about to change?  What are the signs where you live?


  1. The wreaths are pretty! :) It's still warm here but you can tell autumn is coming! It makes my heart glad. I love the smells and feel of fall weather! :D

  2. I have made the best of summer this year and have soaked it in! However, I don't have to tell you that autumn is my favorite season, and I am ready for it now!!

    Although it has been hot and steamy these past few days, I can see leaves falling from the locust trees in the front yard (always the first to turn), the fading blooms of the limelight hydrangea, and the lengthening shadows. Yes, autumn is on its way!

    1. Coming back to say that your wreaths are lovely!! Each one says autumn in its own way!

  3. Yes, I am beginning to see the changes and LOVING it! Not the leaves falling but just a tiny bit cooler and less humidity! I love your wreaths! Great job creating beauty for the changing Season:) HUGS!

  4. Pretty wreaths! And no sign of fall here yet but I know it will come!

  5. Yes, I believe autumn is stalking us with cool mornings and some leaves already turning. I like the wreaths, especially the ribbon from Costco.
    Summer was full of activities and outings and I savoured every minute. :-) I'm ready for fall, it is a favourite season for me.

  6. Found a yellow leaf the other day...still much too humid to think of fall. Running the AC night and day. I like your wreaths and the ribbon on the second is very pretty.


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