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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Work Lunches

With Tim working his own business now, we have changed what we send along for his lunch.  He used to have a typical half hour lunch in a lunch room.  He loved to take left overs and heat them up to eat.  He rarely took a sandwich.

Now with doing the inspections, he is on the move continually and only gets a 'break' when he's headed to the next inspection.  So he has requested food that he can eat while driving, and that won't drop all over his clothes!

He's been loving the sandwiches that I have been making for him, and wants to keep those coming.

 Really good Italian bread, mayo, dijon mustard, lean turkey breast, cheddar cheese, and romaine lettuce.

 Yesterday I sent a baggie full of homegrown grape tomatoes.  They are tasty and easy to pop in your mouth so no mess.  Today I packed sweet potato chips!  

For breakfast, I sometimes make an egg sandwich, but mostly during these hot days, I have been making him protein shakes.  It's healthy and cool, and they taste amazing.  So far I've made him chocolate/peanut butter, frosted lemonade, strawberry and like today a mixed berry shake.

Here is how I make them.
 A scoop of unsweetened, vanilla flavored whey protein, a 1/4 rounded teaspoon of Glucomannan. (This helps thicken it as well as provides fiber)

 About a 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk, a tsp vanilla, and a tbsp of organic stevia.

 Then the berries.  I get these at Costco.  Lots of great antioxidants in berries.

 Coconut milk, protein powder, vanilla, Glucomannan, and sweetener.

 In go the berries

 Then to blend.

 My Ninja is awesome!  Less than 30 seconds to a nice, cold, thick shake!

With the heat Tim also needs to stay hydrated, he is sweating a lot and needs fluids.  So I use fruit teas, that we brew here, and I add raw honey to it while its hot.  Then we add lots of ice in a drink cooler and he has a nice tasty drink for the day!
Yesterday, it was so hot and he did an extra inspection, so he ended up having to buy Gatorade to drink.  

Over the winter, when he has some other types of work, he will be able to take a break and perhaps do something different for lunch.  But for now these work for him.  

Delicious home made food and drinks.

He's a happy man.


Sherry said...

great minds and all .. we do the same thing!
i make my hubby's lunch every day. he works in an office building so can heat up leftovers but that's only a couple times a week. he brown bags lunches i prepare - - i don't always use bread, sometimes a large tortilla with sandwich makings inside (like a gringo burrito! haha). his favorite is cold cuts, pickles, olives, crackers. he often eats from his desk while continuing to work... mornings he usually has a protein shake filled with fruit.

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a wonderful sandwich!

podso said...

I was thinking that you haven't had to make lunches for your kids for school … and you are feeding your man well!

Tim said...

Drinks look delicious!

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