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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pinterest: My Paintings Board

My Pinterest 'Paintings' board has many paintings I admire.  Many are of domestic scenes, but the ones I pin most often are of people reading.

I find them interesting.  It makes me think of how important reading used to be in the times before technology became readily available to us in our homes.  It's interesting that the various artists thought that a person reading a book was a good subject to paint.

Reading has always been important to me, and I hope it continues to be until I die.  I hope I can still see well enough to read!

If you'd like to see more of the paintings on my board you can find it here:

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  1. Lovely, Deanna! Each one tells a wonderful story. Some are, I am almost sure, having devotions. The first boy reading is interesting because he may have his left hand in a dictionary or something...seems to be using two books simultaneously. The one that reminds me of John and myself is charming. (Course, I don't wear skirts, but we do sit companionably each reading our own thing, but then have to share. I like that.) A happy weekend to you!

  2. Thank you for these charming pins. I particularly liked the one with the man in the cowboy hat reading to the boys. I have a framed copy of Fragonard's "Young Girl Reading" that I bought when I was a teen many years ago. I have always liked it and reading is a lifetime joy for me.

  3. Oh I so enjoyed this Deanna....heart warming paintings....absolutely lovely and a reminder of the joy we receive from a good book!

  4. A neat thing to collect! They all look pretty intent. i love the one where they are reading together!

  5. Thank you for sharing these. They made me teary-eyed!! Especially the elderly lady - so lovely. : )

  6. It is so interesting to me how that the things that we Pin seem to have themes, even when we did not plan a theme, per se.

    You have collected a lovely group here!

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