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Monday, September 12, 2016

Scottish Festival

In a little town, very near to us, there is a Scottish Covenanter's church.  It's the oldest one in North America.  This church is big part of history and while not used for regular services anymore, it is being preserved.

In order to help with this preservation, they have been holding a festival the past three years.  It's gotten bigger every year, and we attended it on Saturday.

My dad has had a longtime goal of getting a kilt in the clan tartan and this year for his birthday our kids and Tim and I went in together and got him a gift certificate for a local Celtic store.  He was able to order his kilt through them and the flashes.  He ordered his hose (stockings) and sporran online.  He also bought a Sgian Dubh (pronounced skeen doo) to be worn in the stockings traditionally.

Oh, and I got him his kilt pin for Father's Day.

My dad and I, Lindsay, Sarah and Kyle went to the festival and we had a wonderful time.

Sarah and dad walked behind the clan flags during the opening procession to lay a wreath at a WWI veterans grave, and then later in the opening ceremonies for the Highland Games they carried the McDonald clan banner!

We spoke with new friends at the clan tent and listened to excellent singers and performers, we watched a 'flaming caber' toss, watched an excellent exhibition of Scottish Country Dancing.

Sarah and I spoke with the lovely folks at the Red Rose Scottish Country Dancing tent and they encouraged us to come out to dance with them.  When we watched them one of the ladies invited Sarah to dance when they were teaching audience members to dance.

I can't get the video to load from Vimeo.  I'll keep trying.  All of Sarah's English Country Dancing experience really helped her catch on quickly!

These two had a fine time, in spite of the heat!

While Sarah and I were watching the dancing, inside in A/C (did I mention it was very hot?), Kyle and my dad enjoyed a demonstration of weapons and old fighting techniques.  

I wore my tartan, too!


  1. Like your shoes! Your dad looks great in his kilt. We're there pipers there?

  2. Oh,what a unique and thoughtful gift/experience! Now that's what I call attention to detail!

  3. Your dad looks dashing in his new kilt and accessories. Our Scottish festival was cancelled this year from lack of sponsors but I have enjoyed attending the last few years.
    Deanna, you need a little more tartan to wear above your shoes! lol


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