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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Things I LOVE About Autumn

If you've been around my blog for any length of time, you know I adore autumn.  It's truly my favorite time of the year.

I thought I'd make a list of things that I LOVE about Autumn - here goes!

1. Cooler weather.  I enjoy warm weather but not hot and humid weather, so I am always thankful for the autumn cool down!

2. Sweaters.  I mostly wear cardigans, but I adore them.

3. Boots! Tall ones, booties, mid calf.  I love them all!

4. Leaf color!  This is the best thing about autumn!

5. Spending time outdoors.  This is the season I spend the most time outside.  I love to hike and walk in the autumn, too.

6. Changing out my bedding!  After the summer weight coverlet, I love putting my comforter on my bed and snuggling in for a good nights sleep in a chilly room!

7. Pumpkin desserts.

8. Hot cocoa.

9. Campfires!  We love to sit out under the stars by a beautiful campfire.

10. Taking a fall foliage trip.  We've been to Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, the Adirondacks, and the northern tier here in Pennsylvania, including the PA Grand Canyon.

11. Lighting candles.  I use candles year round in my home, but I especially love the warmth they add to an autumn evening.

12. Scarves.  They are fun to wear, and add so much to an outfit.

13. Mums.  I love to buy mums and add them to the outdoor atmosphere of our home.

14. Cozy evenings reading.

15. Knitting or crocheting.

16. Fall Fest!  We host one every year!  It includes hay rides, and games for the kids.  Last year we showed A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving outdoors!  We have candy tosses, hot cider, food and a big bonfire!

What things do you love about Autumn?  Let's talk in the comments!

ps- As requested here is a link to cook a Perfect Turkey everytime.  I've been doing this for years and it wonderful!  Everyone who has done this slow roasting method loves it and uses it every year!  It really helps have a relax Thanksgiving meal!


Rebecca said...

You "stole" all of mine - except for the boots and knitting & crocheting. At first I coudn't think of another one - but I just did! Caramel apples. Yes! Preferably rolled in peanuts :)

Vee said...

We are having one of those warm and muggy days today, but tomorrow! (We'll probably be freezing.)

Your Fall Fest sounds like great fun! Well, everything that you folks plan sounds like fun. Kamryn is so cute...hope that she's gearing up for big sisterhood.

Dawn E. Brown said...

How to get the link for your turkey.Loved your posting. Fall is also my favorite time of year,bless you, Dawn

Debby Ray said...

I'd say you pretty much covered my list with yours! Was soups on your list?? NOPE...I just went back up and SOUPS is one of my favorite things as well because even though we eat other hot foods in the warm weather, we never have soup unless it's cool outside. I made chili last night and broccoli cheese is next on my agenda! Great post, Deanna...and Happy Fall! :)

podso said...

I would agree with most everything you listed. And I look forward to it. Maybe soon! I think we're leaving the 90s in the next few days and I hope they are gone for good! I look forward to cooler weather clothes. I feel like I've about worn out my summer stuff this summer!

Tim said...

yay for fall!!!!!!

Ginny said...

One of my favorite things about autumn is apple cider. I'm wondering whether it will be more expensive this year because of our drought. I saw some in Sam's Club last week and it was almost $6/gallon! Another thing I like about autumn is that I can finally start making soup again, something I don't like to do in the summer when it's so hot.

Pam said...

Fall is my most favorite time of year, too! I loved your list~ you included all of my favorite things~ and your Fall Fest looks like such fun!
Also, thank you so much for posting the link for cooking the turkey!

Cheryl said...

Oh, so many things, many of which are on your own list! Cooler temps, crisp air, back to school, pumpkins, pumpkin iced coffee, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, eating outside, color, watching the squirrels, dressing in layers, cozy blankets, candles...should I go on? ;)

Linda said...

Not sweating is high on my list and being able to wear long sleeves! Or at least elbow length! I love flannel sheets which I use October to April. Fireplaces are a favorite! Quilts, socks, all things pumpkin.....these are a few of my favorite things!

Sherry said...

we're longing for autumn in the sacramento valley. the other day we noticed the leaves on one of our front yard trees beginning to turn a limey yellow - it's usually the first hint in the neighborhood. we also noticed the 100 degree temp. ahem .. yes, longing for autumn in these here parts. ;)

but autumn will come. milder temps than most areas unless we venture 40 minutes toward the sierra range - which we just may! pumpkin, butternut, cinnamon, sweaters, wool throws, the heavier comforter on the bed, crunchy-leafed strolls with the hubs and precious pooch, hot tea on the backyard cottage porch .. yes.


  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We spent Saturday, doing things around the house, and then we swam. Kyle and Sarah left after that...