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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Elisabeth Elliot Quote

How I thank God for this woman.  She walked in grace through many hardships and trials, and came to find the truth of this quote.

I'm grateful that she is still mentoring women through her writings and the recordings of her radio program, Gateway to Joy, even though she is with the Lord now.

One day, I'll be able to hug her and thank her for trusting God and how it influenced my life.


  1. Amen. Her life is an inspiration and it was no cakewalk. How wonderful to know that all her trials are over...

  2. I like that quote! I am so thankful for godly ladies who are willing to share with us their faith and life experiences. Each one inspires us to grow closer to our Creator and we are blessed to have access to their teachings and testimonies. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely week. Blessings...Sandi

  3. Agreed, she is still inspirational today, even though she has gone on to Glory.

    I'm guessing you know this, but Gateway to Joy is on WDAC at 7:45pm M-F

  4. She had such words of wisdom, born out of difficult times and intense trust in God. I'm so pleased that I got to spend time with her here on earth.

  5. God used her hard life to encourage countless others to have courage to follow Him.


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