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Friday, January 26, 2018

Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

I created a smoothie recipe this past week.  I made it based on a Trim Healthy Mama recipe but I modified it.  I was wanting something protein filled for our friend who is recuperating from surgery.  The pain meds have made him have less of an appetite, but we always need good nutrition, especially when our bodies are healing.

I use a cup or a bit more of almond milk (unsweetened, vanilla flavored), about 3/4 full fat greek yogurt, a heaping cup of frozen strawberries, a scoop of Great Lakes Collagen, a nice scoop of Baobab powder (highest form of vitamin C), a dash of vanilla, and a few pinches of mineral sea salt.

Its delicious, in fact I'm drinking some as I write this!

I've really enjoyed your comments on the last two posts and I hope to keep the conversations going!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Yes, well, I have been lost in the comments on your last post. I could chat more, but we really should all just get together for tea. 😉

    Very interesting ingredients. Have you heard about the sea salt controversy? I am still trying to educate myself.

  2. YUM-O! I know this is delicious and oh so healthy! Thank you for sharing Deanna!

  3. Not sure which is more delicious...your recipe or the jar you're serving it in!

  4. That looks so good! I may just embarrass myself here . . . but I have never heard of Great Lakes Collagen. Off to look that up . . .

  5. Well that sounds YUMMILICIOUS:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  6. Hi Deanna

    I'll try to be brief. I was wondering if you might do a post about some THM products? I dont follow their 'plan' but I do make my own pancake syrup. I had been using xanthan gum, but it does not dissolve well in water so I was on the look-out for a new way to make it. Somehow in all that Google-searching I came across THM glucomannan. I know there are many brands that sell this, but I decided to try theirs. Can I tell you how much I love it?? It makes my pancake syrup better and faster than xanthan gum.

    Anyway, I know they have other products. Do you use any? If so, can you share what you like and why?


  7. Yes I've never heard of Great Lakes Collagen, but I can guess where it's from and maybe it would help my knee! Smoothies are great and it sounds like you've made a winner!


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