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Friday, January 19, 2018

Winter Sky

We had a mild year, weather wise, last year.  This winter is cold, and snowy, but we're not buried in it like a few years ago.  I'm thankful.  We're going to have a warm up this coming week, and we'll all enjoy that, but there could be flooding along the major rivers, due to snow and ice melt.  I'm praying that it will not flood.

I'm headed out today to take our friend to physical therapy, then home, then out again for groceries and errands.  Kyle went to work with Tim today, he needed an extra pair of hands.  He took some reading along too, and they'll get lunch out and time together.  He's growing fast - he'll be 13 this summer.  

Time moves on, more swiftly as we get older.  We're so thankful to have these delightful young adults and near teen in our home.  They keep us young, and tired!  (grin)

I hope you have a lovely day. 


Kim said...

My mom used to say that all the time, since she had adult married kids with kids of their own and near teens (me!) of her own at home. You guys keep me young, was her mantra! Enjoy the warm up!

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a good and steady kind of a day. It is so nice that Kyle is able to spend time with Tim, helping him in the business. . . time for work and camaraderie and teaching and the building of memories.

Oh, indeed they do grow so quickly! When I consider how old my children are (even the "baby"), I realize how old I am!

podso said...

I saw a similar sky on fb from down here and the photographer captioned it, "It's a boy and a girl!"

Theresa said...

Beautiful! I totally understand that statement "they keep us young"! I am thankful for younguns in my life too:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!


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