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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Kitchen Cabinets Makeover (again)

When we bought our house we had to replace the kitchen cabinets as the ones in the house were water damaged. (Tim repurposed the upper cabinets in his shop)  We put in cabinets that we could afford, and though I wanted white, the honey oak were better quality so we went with them.

I painted them almost two years ago with chalk paint and waxed them.  They were so nice, until they wouldn't clean well, and started to chip.  I'm certain that the fault is mine, as I know that many have had great success with chalk paint.  I love using it on furniture, myself.

Anyway, the cabinets were looking dingy, and chipped.  I knew it was time to repaint.  Tim and I have come to learn that you get what you pay for with paint, so I checked out Sherwin Williams.  The paint they recommended for this job was $90 a gallon!  

I decided to give Magnolia Homes Paint by Kilz at try.  I bought it at my local Ace Hardware store in the formulation for trim and cabinetry.  I chose the color True White.

Here is a sneak peak...

And yes, I know I have some paint clean up to do!  I am really pleased with how the white looks, and the quality of the paint.  This is one coat, and while I have a few spots to touch up, I managed to get this 9 ft section of cabinets painted in one afternoon.

The rest of the kitchen will get done bit by bit.  I have a lot going on through the weekend, so it will probably be the end of next week before they are done.

Have you been working on any projects around your homes?  Let's chat in the comments!

ps - just for fun here is a photo of a photo of our kitchen after we bought our house, with the old cabinets, no sliding door, and an old kitchen door.


  1. Did you paint the insides of your cabinets, too? Some days I think I would like to paint my kitchen cabinets, but oh! The work involved!! I still like the oak, though.

    1. Ginny,

      I only painted the inside of the doors. There is a natural wood color on the inside of the cabinets that I am okay with.

  2. They're beautiful, Deanna. I love white cabinets!!

    I have oak cabinets in my kitchen too, and I am sick of them. I am thinking about painting them, but we want to sell our house, so my husband doesn't want to sink too much money into making changes. I AM, however, going to paint my oak dining table. Am going to go with green, I think.

    I am back to blogging...have really missed all my friends here in blog land...friends like you.


  3. Your kitchen is beautiful and cozy and I love the white cabinets!My home needs a lot of "projects" but they will not happen now...Maybe some day...Hugs!

  4. You are a very ambitious girl. I know you're going to be super happy though. And Magnolia, huh. That girl has her hand in everything...

  5. Looks nice and fresh. I admire folks who tackle painting. I HATE to paint.

  6. Kitchen cabinet paint needs to be hard-wearing, that's for sure! It's looking great. I love a white kitchen.

  7. Wow!!! You really redeemed that kitchen when you bought the house! Love your new white cabinets!!!

  8. You are a speedy girl!! I know. I've told you that before. But I am always amazed at how much you accomplish in a short time.

    Thanks for the sneak peek! They are looking good!

  9. I have always loved white cabinets......that is a pretty big job so pat yourself on the back!

  10. Beautiful! "Almost thou persuadeth me....." :)

  11. What a great job you did on the cabinets! I would love to paint mine, but I don't think I can stand the mess, and I don't have the energy that I used to!!

  12. We've been working on our kitchen for SO long! We tried to make the existing footprint work for years, but as our children and family grew, our kitchen seemed to shrink. So last summer we finally expanded the kitchen and dining room out about 5 feet. It's made a huge difference in the flow and space. We had to pause everything over the winter as Husband is building the cabinets and the garage isn't heated and ... Maine. But now that the weather is finally breaking, we'll be back at it, hoping to finish it out this summer. I painted the cabinets white and LOVE it. Our kitchen is on the north side of the house, so every bit of white and light I could get helps. I used a high end Benjamin Moore paint. It was pricey, but it paints on very nicely and has a longer dry time so the brush marks have time to disappear. It has such a nice finish. Now I'm getting ready to paint our bathroom. As soon as I can convince myself to paint the ceiling and just deal with 2-3 days of neck pain, I'll get right to it. :) Very nice work on your kitchen!!


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