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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Remembering Jewels

Yesterday, I found out that a dear friend that I met through blogging, had died.  Julie's blog was called, Eyes of Wonder.

 Jewels was a light for so many of us.  Encouraging a love for family, for the Lord, of having a heart to serve both.  She was a woman who could see beauty in the ordinary, and help you to see it, too.

Over the years, I have become friends with many of her kids on social media, and my heart is breaking for them and for Julie's husband George.

I'm praying for her family, that they will see God is with them in this hard, hard thing. 

I'm thankful to have 'known' Julie in even a small way.  She was inspirational and desired to share her deep heart for the Lord and her family with us all.  She's now with her beloved Savior, and I'm grateful that one day, I'll get to hug her and tell her thank you in person.


  1. I was blessed whenever I read her blog. I think it was from Jewels that I first learned of the idea of scrapbook journaling. That was a blessing to me as well as I began this practice myself. I will certainly pray for her husband and children. What a blessing that Julie is with her Savior, and that we will all meet one day in Glory. Still, there is pain and loss, especially for her family, to deal with in this life. How they need our prayers at this incredibly hard time!

  2. How sad to lose this lady. I didn't know her but she looks like a cheerful person with her soul shining through. Hugs to all who love her.

  3. I am so sorry to hear this. I was not familiar with her blog but whether we know our blogging friends personally or not, we come to love them and it's especially hard when something like this happens. My heart goes out to you, Deanna and those she left behind.

  4. I loved her blog! I was very sorry when she stopped again. She was so open to the beauty of all creation. And so creative herself. I don't understand what happened and don't know how to message her daughter whose blog I read and whom I follow on Instagram. If you know could you email me ?

  5. Oh I did not know Julie nor her blog, yet I know how real the loss of a blogging buddy is having lost too many. May her family know the comfort of God right in the middle of the pain of loss. She looks like such a dear heart.

  6. As Debby said, our blog friends touch our hearts in a very real way. So sad for her family and her friends (including her blogging friends, of whom you are one). Death always feels like an intruder. Looking forward to the time when death is no more!

  7. I still can't stop thinking about it. It seems unfair she had to go so soon. The one thing that comforts me is that Julie made the most out of each day, loving and enjoying the precious people in her life. She spread love and light enough for ten lifetimes.

  8. A sweet memorial. I have gained a few “blog friends” and I’m glad to say you are one.

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