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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

This year, I sowed seeds for zinnia, hollyhocks, and poppies.  None of these came up.  I was bummed because, my garden is more sparse than I like.  

So I took advantage of sales at retail garden shops and purchased some zinnias, a few dianthus, a soft yellow double hollyhock, and be still my heart, a Munstead Woods David Austin rose!  I've been looking for one for a few years now!

I need to plant them today and water them in well.  We're having high heat and humidity again.

I love to grow these flowers because they add beauty to my life and to my home.  Just look at the arrangement I made for my home from flowers I grow in my garden - 

So much beauty.  It brings me joy even if no one else cares whether there are fresh flowers or not. 

I care.  Small touches like this make my cottage a home, and they affect the atmosphere of our homes.  I know my kids notice, and so does my husband, even if they wouldn't take the time to do it themselves, they like the way the home makes them feel welcomed and loved.

Its a small, simple thing to do, using fresh flowers in the home.  But its worth it.


  1. I love your flowers and the David Austin Rose. I have a small area where I can have my flowers I love to play in the dirt but at my age and health, it gets harder each year to do. I love flowers in my home also.

  2. Your arrangement is lovely!! Yes, fresh flowers add such cheer to a home! Enjoy your new purchases!

  3. Your flowers look amazing to me. What a score on the roses! I know that you have the special touch for roses.

  4. Your flowers are so lovely, I agree with your thoughts of flowers in the home and who it pleases!
    I have always wanted a David Austin rose, but rarely see one in out shops.
    have a great week.

  5. I love fresh flowers in the home, too, Deanna. Your arrangement is stunning! So nice that you can use flowers from your very own garden. :)

  6. Your kids will always remember how you made your house and home with your lovely touches and fresh flowers!

  7. Oh yes, small touches matter. So many little beauties bring me joy, and like you say, even if no one else cares whether there are fresh flowers or not, I care.

    I loved all your flowers -- that hollyhock is amazing. And your bouquet in the white jug gives such a feeling of summer. I want to give it an appreciative sniff.

  8. I agree, the house just feels different with fresh flowers on display. They make us all smile...


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