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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Let The Fun Begin

This photo was taken yesterday morning when I was taking photos for my garden post. No make up (the sun is washing out some of my freckles), a bit of bedhead, but I was happy to see that sunshine and blue sky!

 It rained again last night and is going to rain off and on today, but the temperatures are cooler (65 degrees as I write) and the rest of the week, into the weekend, is going to be lovely. Hurray!

This is good news as my brother's family arrives today (we'll miss you Ryan and Alicia) for a family reunion and to celebrate my parents 60th anniversary.

My brother's family is going to take advantage of being on the East Coast and visit Washington, DC, and do somethings they don't do in California.  Mild weather will make it much more pleasant!

We'll all gather on Saturday for a big gathering.  Emma and her family won't be there, as she was already committed to be in a friend's wedding.  We'll miss them, too!

I'll be sharing on my parents anniversary, which is Thursday, and I will be taking photos on Saturday.  We'll have four generations here.  My parents, my brother, his daughter Jill, and her son Logan, and then my parents, me, my son Nate and his daughters Kamryn, Klaire, and Kaidence.  

It'll be special.


  1. What a fantastic week you’ll all enjoy! It’s raining and cool here. I don’t mind much...

  2. The sun certainly brings out the joy of anticipation of your family reunion, Deannea, I wold love to look this pretty without make-up, your inner beauty shines forth.I am so happy the weather is going to cooperate with the family visits. Wishing your parents a most blessed and Happy Anniversary.

  3. Wow, 60 years! What a blessing to the generations of your family. It has cooled nicely here, too. Heat is returning by the weekend for a short time. I keep telling myself the growing corn needs the heat but I think even the crops are saying it was too much humidity. Have a wonderful week with family, my friend!

  4. dear heart, you need no makeup. you're naturally lovely. :P
    thinking of you all as the 60th anniversary event nears! ♥

  5. Soooo exciting to be celebrating 60 years!! May all of these days of family and fun be filled with memory-making moments!! Enjoy!!

    The weather today was a welcome relief here too. I didn't mind the rain even one little bit .

  6. It will be special and I will look forward to seeing pics. Enjoy this day dear friend. Hugs


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