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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Are You Tech Savvy? (Marco Polo)

I consider myself moderately tech savvy, and I give all the credit to my kids and kids in law!  

It came to my attention yesterday in the comments that people were unfamiliar with Marco Polo.  Yes, besides being the guy who brought pasta to Italy from China, and a fun game kids play in the pool, Marco Polo is an app you use to video chat.  

Marco Polo Logo

In the past if I wanted to talk to my kids but wanted to see them, I would use FaceTime, because we all had apple phones.  Now, everyone has different kinds of phones, so we can't FaceTime.

Another benefit to Marco Polo is that even if you are on different schedules, you can send a Polo and the receiver of it can watch it when its convenient for them!  Also, the videos save unless you chose to delete them, so when I have conversation with Emma in Tennessee and chat with Isla and Clark, too, I can show Tim the videos later.  You of course can watch the video in real time, and then video back a response.  Somedays, Emma and I do that all day.

Because Isla and Clark have seen me on video and we do FaceTime sometimes, they know me and when I go to visit next month I won't be a stranger!

I know there are other apps out there for connecting, but this one works well for us.  My friend Jane's grands all live away from her and she has used Skype and FaceTime over the years to read to her grands, and to interact with them.

I'd love to hear what kinds of apps you use, if any, to keep in touch with your grandkids and kids?  


Vee said...

It’s wonderful that these things exist to help families stay in touch. I am blessed to live in the same town with my grands, though sometimes I think that I really don’t see them all that often. Now you have me wondering about Marco Polo in the pool. 😁

Elizabethd said...

Thanks for explaining that Deanna. My grandchildren use Whatsapp mostly to keep in contact. I use nothing except the telephone and email!

Linda said...

Yup!!! Summer introduced me to Marco Polo some time back. It's a good way to keep 'in the loop' on family that is not close by. We love it!


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