Monday, September 9, 2019

Scottish Festival

On Saturday we went to the 6th Annual Covenanter Scottish Festival in Quarryville, Pennsylvania.  It is put on to raise funds to maintain the nations oldest Scottish Covenanter Church.  You can read more about the Covenanters {here}.

A bit of history of Pennsylvania: William Penn and Charles Calvert, 3rd Baron Baltimore had a long dispute over the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland.

One of the things William Penn did was give Scottish settlers in Pennsylvania land along the border, because he knew the Scots would fiercely defend their land.  This line of Scottish settlers became known as Penn's Wall.

A friend from church started Penn's Wall Highland Games, and they are the ones who put on the games at this Scottish Festival.

My Dad loves celebrating his heritage and proudly wears his kilt to the festival every year.  He's also wearing his Clan Donald shirt, as our family is a sept clan to the McDonald's.

They have a lot of traditional Scottish foods, and a few non traditional.

There were sweet girls, and a few boys, dancing - competing in Scottish Dance.  Lots of beautiful dresses on these girls, and the boys looked great in their kilts.
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The Washington Memorial Pipe Band always is the festival band.  They participate in the wreath laying.  The festival always honors a veteran.

The Covenanter Church
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Caber Toss!

Here is a competitor tossing a weight, this one is 56 pounds over the bar.  The bar is about 20+ feet high at this point.

Our good friends enjoyed the day, too!

Our hurricane refugees are headed home this morning.  We've had a lot of fun.  

Now we have to get ourselves into a good fall routine.  Co-op classes, work, school at home.

I have a fun trip coming up next month that I'll tell you about soon.  Hint: It involves a flight, and some grands.

Wednesday is the 18th anniversary of 9/11.  Seems hard to imagine it was nearly 20 years ago already.

Praying for a good week for all. 


  1. What an occasion! I loved the little girls in their kilts, so sweet.

  2. Just looks like a fabulously fun day. (No way I’d want haggis, though.) Those children look adorable in their outfits.

  3. I loved seeing all the Scottish games and things. Amber and Mike lived in Scotland for a year and loved it! We visited the entire month of December and that was so much fun!
    Routines are good! I do love your life!

  4. I was thinking about you all as we were gallivanting around Lancaster!! It sure was a beautiful day for a festival!!

    I love getting back to a routine. That is one of my challenges in this new season: finding a new routine.

    Enjoy these days, friend!! ( I know that you do!!)


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