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Thursday, September 12, 2019

I'm In a Chatty Mood Today...

so grab a cup of tea, or a beverage of your choice and let's get to it!

We had a thunderstorm roll through in the middle of the night.  I love the sound of a thunderstorm, don't you?  We are experiencing a few days of late summer heat.  Which seems out of place with some trees changing their leaf colors.  But this is not unusual for us to have hot weather in September.

This weekend will mark the half way point of September.  The year just keeps racing onward.  Looking ahead to October, I am beginning to think of gifts for the many birthdays we have in this month.  There is mine, Kayleigh, Isla, Klaire, Tim's brother Dan, and his Mom, who will be 98 this year.

This year for my birthday gift, I am going to Nashville for a week with Emma and family! I'll get to be with Isla for her 3rd birthday!  I'm so excited!

Sarah's classes at the performing arts academy have started and she loves them!  Tonight she has choir, with theater and theater dance on Mondays.  They also offer classes in fine art, strings, piano, and I'm sure other things but I can't think of it right now.

Lindsay and Joseph just returned home from a 10 day vacation to New England.  They ended their trip with a day in Manhattan and saw Hamilton!  How fun is that?  

Our co-op classes start next week.  Lindsay is teaching an outdoor survival class. Kyle is one of her students, and he also is taking a volleyball class (for PE), and an art class.  Kamryn will have a gym class, a music class, and she is taking a geology class.

I will be continuing my fun job of running the parents room, setting up coffee, tea, and a cold drink, as well as arranging the snacks that the families bring to share.  I'm going to be making a new playlist this week, and I'll be bring some essential oil blends to diffuse in the room.  I love making it a welcoming place, and a space where a mom can relax and enjoy conversation with a friend or two or three!

In 10 days Lindsay will host her annual Hobbit Day party.  It will be here at our cottage, out under the party tree!  Not sure of what Hobbit Day is?  Why it's the day to celebrate Bilbo and Frodo Baggins' birthdays!  They were both born on September 22nd!

I'm also beginning to think about our annual Fall Fest.  Our family hosts this event every October or early November.  We need to pick a date, and think through activities to do.  We've done candy toss for kids, eating a donut tied on a string, pumpkin painting, food cook offs!  We always have hay rides and sometimes we have an outdoor movie, too!

Well, if you're still reading this, God Bless You! {grin}  I hope you all have an excellent day!


Dianna said...

Good morning! I adore thunderstorms too, the way they clear the air and make you feel cozy inside. :)

bj said...

Our days are getting cooler but still hot...loved this post ....a lot of birthdays in my family in Oct....and I've started Christmas shopping...time races on and the older I get, the faster it moves.

Linda said...

I love chatting with you this morning! You are such a giver of hospitality! I just love that about you!

Kim said...

It's always fun to catch up, Deanna!

Cheryl said...

I read it all yesterday morning (didn't have time to comment) and again this morning! It's fun to chat!!

I am ready to move on to fall weather too. I have not decorated for fall a single bit. It's too hot, and I've been too busy anyway. Soon . . .

I am excited for you that you're going to visit Emma and family!! I know that will bring such joy to your mama-heart!! Lindsay and Joseph's trip sounds like lots of fun! Have a great co-op year!

podso said...

So hot still here it's hard to think about fall, but it's coming! Sounds like you have some fun things to look forward to!


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