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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Blog Focus Thoughts

I have a birthday coming up next week, and with my kids nearly all grown up, I recognizing I'm in a different season of life.  I want to continue to be as active and vital as I can be, and I want to be used by the Lord to encourage women in their unique rolls in the world.

In the blogging world my focus has been my home and life, and all that encompasses.  When I could have gone with a home decor focus, or a homeschool focus, I didn't, choosing instead to show all of who I am on my blog.

As my homeschool years come to an end (4 years to go!) and I find myself an 'older woman' I find I want to reach back to those younger women behind me, and I also want to reach those women who are in my place.  Busy in their homes, and at work, grandmothers who are encouraging their kids as they raise their families.

So, I'd love to hear what place you're in in your life.  Are you a young woman?  Older?  Single? Married? Widowed?  What kind of blog do you like to read?  I guess I'm wondering what you look for in a blog that you go back to over and over.  

I want this cottage on the web to be a place of encouragement, hospitality, and friendship.  Just like it is in real life.

Let me hear from you in the comments, please!


  1. When I look at the years on my blog, I can see the changes going on in my life at the time. Especially after the homeschool years ended. I love your blog just as it is. However, if you want to share your wisdom learned from life even more, than that is fine, too.

  2. I'm older, married, with grown children and with a dozen grandkids from age 3 to 18. What I look for in a blog that I go back to over and over is a "slice of life" with a little of everything. That's how I want my own blog to be, and that's the sort of blog that encourages me. I enjoy reading about recipes, hospitality, gardening, decorating, faith, God's Word, people's travels -- you get the idea. Beautiful photography is a blessing, also.

    My goal for my own blog is just like yours -- that it be a place of encouragement, hospitality, and friendship -- just like my actual kitchen table.


  3. To answer your questions:
    Married. Late 50's. (Okay. Very late 50's. 😉) Four children: three married, one young adult living at home. Eleven grandchildren.

    I read lots of home decor blogs, but rarely comment. I kind of look at those as online magazines. But I really love to read "slice of life" blogs by women with whom I share fellowship and bits of commonality. Women with whom I'd be "in person" friends should the opportunity be there. Those are the women who inspire me!

  4. I've been reading your blog for 3-4 years, and am a widow (not sure how I found your blog). What has kept me coming back to read is that I always feel like I've had a good chat and a cup of tea after reading your blog. It is gentle and honest. I guess find it like catching up with an old friend (old as in long-term, not age!). I like reading about the books and the ways you decorate your home on a budget (which gives me ideas). And really, just the everyday life. So thank you!

  5. I think the wishes in your last paragraph are good goals for a blog and you seem to bring those to your "cottage on the web." I go back to blogs where I feel like I have come to know the writer and appreciate what they have shared in the past.

  6. I love reading blogs that others write with passion. I may not always be in the same place as the author, but I enjoy learning and reading about all different subjects. I like personal stories, humor and heartfelt prose. I think I connect more with the person than the topic though...that's what usually keeps me come back.

  7. I'm not sure I have even commented on your beautiful blog, although I love to come and read about your day. I am at an age in life that I never thought I would ever get husband and I are retired and all of our children are married, raising children of their own, and one daughter is almost and empty nester herself. It's almost unimaginable to me! I will be 64 in November, and to tell you the truth, my brain still feels like it is still that young girl who got married at 18. That said, I am at a stage in my life where I just need that connection with other like minded women. I love to see how they handle life, kids, grandkids, meal planning, decorating and change. I love seeing a new recipe, especially during the holidays because after all these years, I've run our of ideas for something new. But I also love to read a tried and true recipe that people have been using for years. I have been married for 45 years and I have some really wonderful tried and true recipes, and I love to share them.

    I think that the world of blogging, the kind we do, is really becoming a thing of the past. So many are turning to FB and Instagram because it's quicker and easier.
    I just recently took a very long blogging break to try and figure out what I wanted to do...I missed it. I missed reading blogs from friends that I most likely will never meet, but feel very close to and would miss if they stopped blogging.

    You are probably sorry after this long comment that you asked that question! I think it's something that those of us who are still blogging need to ask though, thank you for asking! You have such beautiful photos, and topics, thank you for sharing your life with us. I promise I will comment more, just keep enlightening us!

  8. I love seeing home things and family things on blogs:) It is nice to visit with you and be encouraged by your thoughts! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  9. I think I first "saw you" when you made a comment on coffeeteabooksandme Blog! Reading comments from others and noticed you lived near where I do. That's how we start to connect isn't it? I've been married for 42 years. I enjoy photos, seeing recipes that are everyday usable, organizational ideas, seeing other people enjoy a simple lifestyle, family, book and movie suggestions that are wholesome. Actually a lot of what you are already doing!! Keep up the good work.

  10. What wonderful comments. You know who I am so I’ll save myself the typing, but I love eclectic blogs where the writer shares his or her life with humor and grace. I have always enjoyed reading here. (Gosh, I really did miss it...wonder where I was that day.)


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