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Monday, September 30, 2019

Highlights Of September

September was a wonderful month for us.  Rachel's friend, and now our friend, Luisa stayed with us for a week, and during that same time our longtime friends, Rick and Jane, arrived.  

We introduced Luisa to afternoon tea, which she loved.

We went to Havre de Grace and enjoyed the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay.

The skies have been amazing too!

We went to the 6th Annual Covenanters Scottish Festival.

My limelight hydrangea have been amazing!

We were able to attend Jesus at Sight and Sound Theatres.


I added this awesome basket for throw blankets in the living room, and put out my autumn pillows.

And some ceramic pumpkins

Lindsay hosted her Hobbit Party under the Party Tree...

And later in the week, I enjoyed tea and reading under the tree, too!

We've had some awesome sunsets...

We went to see Servant Stage's production of The Music Man.
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I've held my youngest granddaughter

And Tim, Kyle, Wes, and Rachel have worked on firewood.

My favorite month starts tomorrow.  The month of my birthday, and the birthdays of loved ones, the month that our trees change from beauty to glory.

I'm going to drink tea today, and revel in the coolness of this last day of September.  What are you going to do today?


  1. What a beautiful, bountiful month you have had! So many joys!

    Wait. Di you say it's cool there?! Wish I could join you there today! (But coolness is supposed to arrive here later in the week. I. cannot. wait.)

  2. You did have a great September! And pretty soon you’re off to see Em and family, right? I am sitting here tethered for treatment for the next three hours. I’ve had an apple, and cheese and p’nut butter crackers and water, none of which is holding a candle to the tea you enjoyed. My nurse and I enjoyed imagining what the choices were. 😁

  3. Such a fun filled September! I've only been to a formal afternoon tea once, and it was delightful, all the little sandwiches and goodies looked so delicious. Even better when shared with friends and family. The clouds are just amazing, and the sunsets so beautiful. I love that you included getting to hold you cute little grand...spending time with those sweet grands is the best!!

    Happy October!


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