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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Christmas Adam Fun - Ice Candle Holders

 Here is a fun and easy activity to do with a friend, child, grandchild, or by yourself! 

I hadn't made these in years but a recent video on youtube by Angela of Parisienne Farmgirl reminded me of how much I love to make these! Click on the highlighted name of her account to go to the page where she shows you how to make these.

I used the lower part of 2 liter bottles, and put a small glass jar into it with some water in the jar to keep it in place.

Then I sliced up a few lemons and oranges (a great thing to do with fruit that is getting 'older', pulled out a bag of cranberries that were getting a bit old, too, cut some fir tips. (I could have cut some of my boxwood or any kind of greens)

After placing the jar with water in it in the plastic bottle, I slipped the lemons, oranges, cranberries and greens between the jar and side of the bottle.

Then I added water.

Then I placed them into the freezer. When we have cold weather, I sometimes make them outside on the deck. After a few hours they are ready.  I put very hot water in the jars, I actually do this 2-3 times then the jar slides right out of the ice.

I usually use these when I am having company in the winter. It's dark in the country and these lighted ice candle holders shine the way to the door!

This year, there are no parties with people outside of our family, so these will be used indoors for an hour or so as a centerpiece for Tim's birthday dinner.  I will run cold water over them to get them 'clear' before I place them on the table.

I have two more in the freezer. 

These ice candle holders can be made with any plastic container. I used what I had, and had to cut the plastic bottle off to free the ice.

Today is Christmas Adam in our family, and the excitement is building over whether a few orders will arrive in time for Christmas! I'm not stressing about it, after its a small thing in 2020, right? If they are late it'll just extend the holiday fun.

I want to wish you and your family, a very Merry Christmas, even here in 2020.  I hope you find a way to 'see' your family if you can't be together in person.  We always FaceTime or use Google Duo to talk to our daughter and her family in Tennessee. It's the next best thing to being there.

                   Merry Christmas!


  1. Your ice candle holders are lovely, Deanna! What a wonderful project to do with kids or a friend! So pretty! Thank you for your prayers for my son. He is home recuperating today and we won't know until the ear is healed, whether he has hearing or not. Happy Birthday to Adam, and a Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones! Christmas blessings...Sandi

  2. I am waiting on the washing machine part to is among the many annoyances of 2020. No washing machine for three weeks makes life a misery. I'm wearing my dad's pajama bottoms today. 😳 Oh well! Chalk it up to just one more thing.

    I also used to make the ice lanterns with cranberries and fir tips and whatever... The first year I did it, I lined them along my open veranda from one end to the other...looked so pretty. I was hosting the youth group and one of the young men told me that he blew out all my candles for me so that the house didn't burn down. Ha! Have I told you that story before? Probably ten times!

    Merry on down there, Rabes!

  3. Those ice candle holders are simply beautiful!! I have never tried this project, but I must file this away and make them some other time.

    A blessed Christmas to all of you!!

  4. Your ice candle holder looks lovely. And I do love Linus's telling of the Christmas Story. Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Christmas, Deanna.

  5. Beeeeeeeeeautiful!!!!!!!

    Gentle hugs,
    and Wishes for a Peaceful
    Eve of Christmas,
    and Christmas Day,
    to you and yours...

  6. Those are so pretty, Deanna! I love the charming look of them. I made your cappuccino muffins (a double batch) and gave them as gifts. I saved a few for myself, as they made more than expected. Thank you for sharing! I’m not a coffee person, I think I told you, but these muffins are delicious. I hope you had a Merry Christmas! ❤️🎄❤️


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