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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Kitchen Door Wreath and Some Encouragement


Happy Tuesday, Friends!

I wanted to share my kitchen door wreath with you.  This is the door that we use daily and that all of our guests use.  I wanted it to be cheery and full of Christmas goodness.

If you were to come to my home this wreath would greet you!  I do have a wreath by the front door too, but it is just greenery with a big plaid ribbon.

When we had horses, I would always hang a wreath on the pasture gates, too.  

I also wanted to share this encouraging read from Spurgeon with you.  Nancy from A Joyful Cottage sent this to me, and she gave me permission to share it with you.

And the Lord shewed me four carpenters.”

Zechariah 1:20

In the vision described in this chapter, the prophet saw four terrible horns. They were pushing this way and that way, dashing down the strongest and the mightiest; and the prophet asked, “What are these?” The answer was, “These are the horns which have scattered Israel.” He saw before him a representation of those powers which had oppressed the church of God. There were four horns; for the church is attacked from all quarters. Well might the prophet have felt dismayed; but on a sudden there appeared before him four carpenters. He asked, “What shall these do?” These are the men whom God hath found to break those horns in pieces. God will always find men for his work, and he will find them at the right time. The prophet did not see the carpenters first, when there was nothing to do, but first the “horns,” and then the “carpenters.” Moreover, the Lord finds enough men. He did not find three carpenters, but four; there were four horns, and there must be four workmen. God finds the right men; not four men with pens to write; not four architects to draw plans; but four carpenters to do rough work. Rest assured, you who tremble for the ark of God, that when the “horns” grow troublesome, the “carpenters” will be found. You need not fret concerning the weakness of the church of God at any moment; there may be growing up in obscurity the valiant reformer who will shake the nations: Chrysostoms may come forth from our Ragged Schools, and Augustines from the thickest darkness of London’s poverty. The Lord knows where to find his servants. He hath in ambush a multitude of mighty men, and at his word they shall start up to the battle; “for the battle is the Lord's,” and he shall get to himself the victory. Let us abide faithful to Christ, and he, in the right time, will raise up for us a defence, whether it be in the day of our personal need, or in the season of peril to his Church.

I find this so encouraging.  I feel like God has raised someone up to shed light on all the corruption, and evil that has been taking place.  Of course, this person is not doing this alone.  God has also raised up many to work alongside and behind the scenes.  Fighting for good, fighting evil.

I know that help doesn't always come wrapped the way we want it to be packaged.  Nice, neat, with a fabulous bow.  No, like Spurgeon said, God didn't send writers, nor architects, he sent carpenters to do rough work.  He always sends the right person for the job.


  1. Lovely wreath! I believe every word and may those carpenters continue their work. I know it has already begun.

  2. I have been reading "More Than a Carpenter" with my boys. It is interesting to me to think about what people expect vs. how things actually go. I have heard it said that the Jewish people expected the prophesied Messiah to be a military leader, but God sent a humble carpenter.

  3. I love the wreath and how the door looks!!!!!!!!


  4. What a beautiful wreath, and the encouragement was exactly waht is needed in the dark and strange days in which we are living..God is faithful, and always on time.. We just wait patiently with thanksgiving that we have such a mighty yet merciful warrior fighting for us!

  5. thank you for the forward from nancy..
    speaks deep to the present time.
    oh how lovely your wreath.....

  6. That wreath is lovely and the thought of you with a pasture and horses at the holidays makes me smile. And encouragement is always welcome. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Ah, yes, Spurgeon! I read him every morning and night as part of my devotionals, and I have to admit, I read this one a few times the other day! Your door looks beautiful!

  8. Throughout the Bible we see that God uses human instruments to accomplish Kingdom work. That is encouraging to me . . . to think that he uses imperfect "jars of clay" to do eternal tasks! Amazing! But I think the greatest works are not those of secular origin or earthly kingdoms (isn't that what people expected at His first coming?), but they are the works of His eternal Kingdom, works that affect the hearts and souls of men and women.

    Beautiful wreath with a beautiful message!!

  9. What a beautiful wreath, I love the bright cheery bow, and the Joy to the World greeting. And what a comforting word from the Lord. The Lord is answering prayer, perhaps not in the way we expect, but His work will be complete, of that we can be sure, thank you for sharing Spurgeon's great insight, so relevant to today!


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