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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The Stockings Were Hung...

A tradition for our family is to open our stockings on Christmas Eve.  This has worked out very well for our family, even as our kids have married, because we are usually together for lunch on Christmas Eve, celebrating Tim's birthday!

We often include a movie, some years we've gone to see a movie, other years we've watched the Nativity Story and that's how we've transitioned to the Christmas celebration from the birthday celebration.

For many years, my mom and I were the only ones buying for everyones stockings and financially it adds up!  The last several years some of our marrieds have been adding 'stuff' to the stockings and I love it! 

I do a variety of things from little packets of tissues and a new toothbrush to small playdoh (for kids), candy, clementines, sample size lotions or facemasks, hot wheels.  A real variety of things to stuff those stockings! 

We have 17 stockings hung, with our local married kids having their stockings here because this is where we 'do' stockings.  

A tradition that I started for the grands is to buy their Christmas stocking.  I get them a Pottery Barn kids stocking.  I fell in love with them when my younger kids needed stockings and I've continued to buy them with every new grand!  

We have trains, dogs, ballerinas, fairies, kitties, snowmen.  Some of the style change from year to year.

The one I bought for Von this year is not showing on the website so it must have sold out.  

Do you hang Christmas stockings?  Do you have traditions around your stockings?



  1. We each have stockings; Mine is a snowman, hubby is a Santa Claus (well...because...grin) and Son has a red stocking with his name on it (I glittered his name because it is so hard to find one that says LIAM) and our German Shep. Coffee has a stocking with his name and photo of German Shep. We each contribute a little something---none of us know who does what, all I know is, things are added during the days / weeks before Christmas, grin--there are some sneaky little elves in this house. Oh we don't have a fireplace, they get hung up on the entrance way between the sitting room and living room.

    Thank you for the many smiles today. Its a cold, windy, snowy day here in western/southern tier of NY. smiles

  2. Love Family Traditions!!!!!

    Used to have stockings. But it got so I was spending too much money/time on throw-away-things. So I eliminated them. -grin- Yes, I can be The Grinch at times!!!!!!!!!! >,-)


  3. We did stockings when I was a child. I remember when my mom made them. Such a fond sweet memory. We stopped doing them when we were in high school.

    I did stockings for my two until they were in high school, because that's what I did and it felt "normal." What I didn't realize is that when I quit doing it my girls started their own tradition and began - and do till this day - stocking stuffers for each other!

    Now fast forward till the year I was remarried (2003, my first husband RIP,) my new MIL made ME a stocking and hung it with her 5 children's because she loves doing stockings! We always do a second Christmas with them the Sunday following Christmas. When I got there and she showed my stocking hung up filled to the brim I bawled. I hadn't had that sweet Christmas surprise since I was a child. And to be honest, it is the one most special thing for me I look forward to each year.

    As far as the two of us, as the girls are grown and have their own stockings hung in their homes - I have hung ours up as "decor," as my hubs and I do not do gifts for one another. (Being married to him is Christmas all year, truth be known.)

    I love your stockings tradition. It will last down the line for years to come. Neat feeling, isn't it? Sorry my comment is so long! I think I am a little bit lonely, lol.


  4. Such sweet stockings! We stop filling stockings after the kids are out of school. But I still hang our stockings. They are each cross stitched by me. I also cross stitched stockings for my daughter and her family. If/when my sons get married I will stitch stockings for their families too.

  5. Once I realized how very expensive stockings could be, that tradition got the boot. I think it's a nice one if not giving other gifts. I just read of a family that does stockings every other year. They sure look nice hanging up. Pottery Barn stockings are sweet.

  6. I love all of your stocking traditions and how they have evolved with as your family has grown! It must be lots of fun to open them all together, and to have other contributors to them now too! The Pottery Barn stockings are so cute!

  7. We hang stockings too:) I truly love traditions, those stockings are precious! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  8. what a wonderful, festive tradition for your family.. the hubs and i have our stockings hung high on the rungs of our bed. we don't fill them - so i guess they're for show. wink. they look pretty.. about 6 years ago i bought new stockings at holly bolly (hobby lobby but the hubs calls it otherwise). they're furry and soft. our childhood stockings are packed away and in need of tending as they're 62 years old.


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