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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Found At The Thrift


Three wonderful Colonial Williamsburg watercolor prints. They were $2.50 each, and with my love of Williamsburg it was a no brainer to bring them home. (I bought these in 2016)

They've been hanging in my bedroom, and with all the other frames in my bedroom black, I started to think about how great these prints would look in black frames rather than the non-descript brown ones they were in.

The backs have a paper seal so I decided to just paint the frames black and finally got around to it yesterday.

I LOVE them in their black frames, but the paint I used is very matte. So I'm going to think about whether I can live with them or wax them to give them a soft sheen.  I'll probably wax them, but first they need one more coat of paint.

You can find the artist, Coby Carlson's work on Ebay, Poshmark, and other places. The framing is all different and unique which is why I wasn't worried about painting these frames.

Which do you prefer? Black frames or brown?


  1. I think the black frames complement those prints perfectly!! What a fabulous find and makeover!!

  2. Black. Very nice. And you were such a neat painter.

  3. I like the black frames-the prints are beautiful!

  4. I like the black frames. I know this may not be possible, but as the daughter of a picture framer, I'd suggest matting to set off the picture. Great find at the thrift store.

  5. Black, definitely! And I think I would wax to add that soft sheen you mentioned.

  6. black, for sure. and a light waxing would bring out the beauty even more.
    lovely pictures - have you decided where to hang them - which room?

  7. The black really sets them off!! Amazing what a difference it made! I repaint frames, too! And I bought two chairs for the living room a few years ago - perfect style and the color of the upholstery was right. The blond wood was wrong but I bought them anyway and stained the wood with my artists oils. I love redeeming things! You do, too!!

  8. Black! And yes, I agree with Sherry, you should wax them. This post really confirms what a difference the right frame color makes in enhancing artwork. Well done, Deanna. Hugs.

  9. Wow! The black frames make the pictures pop!


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