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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Tea on Tuesday


One of my girls gave me this beautiful china mug a few years ago. Usually if I drink hot tea in the morning, or hot chocolate at night, I use this mug.  I don't allow people to use it for coffee, because I don't want the mug to get a coffee taste to it.  I have plenty of other nice coffee mugs they can use!

Do you drink tea?

My favorites are Irish Breakfast, Yorkshire Gold, Lyon's, Barry's. I like chai, and really like a chai latte. I like Paris tea by Harney and Sons, I like a London Fog, which is made with Earl Grey. I love Chamomile. My tastes keep growing and I've even had a few green teas, that I enjoyed. 

I really like this quote by Chaim Potok - 

" Come, let us have some tea, and continue to talk of happy things."


  1. What a lovely mug . . . even more lovely that it was a gift from a daughter!

    I drink tea sometimes, but I am more of a coffee girl. My favorite tea currently is Vanilla Almond by Republic of Tea, but I am out of it. Need to place an order . . .

  2. I tend to stick with the teas I know, which is not necessarily a good thing. I have heard of people like you...not allowing other beverages to taint the mug, cup, or even coffee pot, A rinse only, no soap!

  3. Im a Brit... so of course I drink tea.. and I love it in a china cup and saucer...of which I have many. I love Yorkshire tea... and my daughter supplies me with some PGTips when ever she sends a parcel from England. I also like the occasional herbal favourite right now being Tazo's Wild Sweet Orange.
    Btw...pretty mug x

  4. What a beautiful cup! Those reds and pinks together are so pretty.

  5. That is a beautiful cup!! I had a cup of Constant Comment the other morning. Louis Dean has given up coffee - for now.
    I also have some chocolate tea that I haven't tried yet. I may make a cup of that in the morning.

  6. I start every morning with either Irish Breakfast or PG Tips. I love hot tea!


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