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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Knitted Hat


I finished the hat I was knitting for my mom.  It's simple knit, purl then I will do two purl rows, then knit, purl, then two knit rows and go back to the pattern.  That gives me the raised sections.

This variegated yarn is really lovely.

Kyle often leaves his sunglasses on the little lamp on the computer desk, so I thought I'd pop the hat on the lamp, but it didn't work well.

So I put it on my head, and took a mirror selfie.  I like it and I think my mom will, too.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. It's darling! Yes, she will love it!

  2. lovely hat, deanna! i'm absolutely certain your mother will LOVE it!
    i LOVE and appreciate the beautiful cream toned circle scarf you made
    for me years ago, especially living life in the chilly mountains! hugs.

  3. Love the hat and your mom will enjoy wearing it I'm sure!

  4. Beautiful. The yarn is very fetching!


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