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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Spring Is Coming

 I know that for much of our nation we are having very cold temperatures, and last night I went out to our co-op meeting and I nearly froze! The mild daytime temps had fled and the wind had picked up and it was sooo cold!

 However, in the last week or so the birds have become a lot more vocal, we've seen the sun again (at least for a brief time) today, our creek is running with more water in it. Right now I can hear the birds chirping outside.

I've begun to make small changes in the house to reflect the changing of the seasons. After all the seasonal changes come on slowly at first, then we become more aware of the signs of change, and then one day we know we are in the new season.  That's how I'm approaching my spring decor this year.

I put my white matelasse bedspread on our bed, and added these pretty pillowcases that Rachel gave me.

It's brightened up the room, and given it a quick refresh.

I turned the pages in my Edith Holden book "The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady." I keep this book on the small bookcase at the end of our hallway.  

I've begun to take down faux winter greens from my table centerpiece, and today the greens and ribbon above the countertop will come down.  I think I will use grapevine garland and maybe some faux ivy.

I wanted to show you my waxed frames. It has added just a touch of sheen, and I like it.

I've hung them back up in the bedroom for now.  The black frames enhance these watercolors beautifully!

So, while I know we have a month of cold temps ahead of us, have hope my friends.

"That is one good thing about this world... There are always sure to be more springs."  L.M. Montgomery

Spring is about renewal, and I sense a renewal coming in many arenas of life.  I love to see God at work. 



Ruth said...

Amen. I find your posts so refreshing and down to earth. It's just what alot of us need. Thank you!

Vee said...

I like your optimism right in the middle of our long, cold winter. 🪴☺️🪴

Your post inspired me to make some quick changes as more winter berries or frosted pine cones. The pussy willows are out in my living room even if they don't really show up until March and April.

Jan said...

We're slowly coming out of the deep freeze down here. Temperatures in the 20's today instead of teens and single digits! We have power and no water, but we are fine-plenty of food and bottled water. Fortunately, this is Texas and the temps are forecast to be in the 40's and 50's by the weekend!

Beside a babbling brook... said...

Love the idea of keeping the "Country..." book out like that!!!!!! Lovely reminder, to live in the season.

I like to do any change of decoration, as it feels right to me. And you are doing,what feels right to you. Wonderful...

For myself, I continue to try to hibernate in winter. We are in cold and snow and some ice, and to me, it just feels still, like continuing to enjoy this deep winter season.

But to each their own!

Enjoy your changes!

Unknown said...

I too have had the desire to add some lighter touches around the house during this deep deep freeze. We are slowly supposed to start warming up in the next few days. It's funny how the thought of 20 degrees sounds like a heatwave right now!

I love your Edith Holden book and how you have it displayed. I would love to have that book!

Kim said...

It's cold here, tons of snow on the ground and more coming tomorrow...but yes!! The birds are beginning to chirp more and even though the air is cold it has a different kind of smell. A fresh one!!

Theresa said...

Love you pillows and those pictures are beautiful! The birds are chirping outside my porch right now:) Signs of Spring to come are beginning to be seen. It is very cold here and raining a LOT! We have a sunny day every now and then, for that I'll be thankful! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Cheryl said...

I can feel spring coming, ever so slowly. I am going to enjoy my pinecones and candlelight a bit longer, but their days are numbered. 😉 Oh, it was SO good to see the sun yesterday!!

Estelle's said...

YES! Speak to me of spring....what a lovely thought! It's so parents and I purchased similar Williamsburg prints such as yours years ago when living in Virginia daughter now owns them...always have loved them!


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