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Monday, March 22, 2021


 Saturday was warm and sunny so we did mulch for the front flower beds.  Tim's idea was to dig a bit of a trench along the edge of the beds, and then it all got filled in with mulch.

Kamryn spent the weekend and had fun helping. She and Tim went and got the mulch while Kyle finished the edging.

Kamryn also learned to drive the old riding mower. We took the cutting deck off and use it to pull a small trailer around when working in the garden.

Tim getting ready to fill our old faithful wheelbarrow. It's pink now it's so sun faded!

Kyle spread the mulch after Tim dumped the wheelbarrow.

Load after load. I even shoveled one load and I'm still paying for it with my lower back!

Doesn't it look great?

Kam getting instruction on driving the mower from Grandpa.

On Friday, we'd had a call from Tim's sister that their mom was sleeping mostly, hadn't had much to drink, and seemed to be transitioning. She emailed everyone the next day with some more information and let us know the hospice nurse would be coming to evaluated her.  The nurse agreed that she was in early stages of transitioning. Tim's sister told us that mom had woken and eaten a good amount of a soft supper.

His sister was booking a flight from Missouri, his brother was looking at flights for Sunday evening, and we started looking for a flight for Tim.  He had a repair job for Monday which could be done the following week, but he has inspections starting Tuesday, so we checked flights and found one leaving Sunday morning and he could return Monday afternoon. We booked it, and I dropped him at the airport yesterday morning and will go pick him up this afternoon.

With his arrival, and his sister's arrival late the night before, Tim's mom Jean, realized she had company and wanted to get out of bed!  One of Tim's sisters took the opportunity to cut her hair so here is Mom sitting ready for a haircut!  As soon as his sister started to brush through her hair, she fell asleep again!

Isn't she beautiful? She is in her 100th year of life. Tim said "She's a true extrovert! Had to get up and enjoy her company!"

She still slept mostly, but I know it was special for her to have her living children all with her yesterday. That's rare since they all live in different states, and one is often in West Africa.

Last evening allowed them (Tim and his siblings) to talk together and make plans for her memorial service. We don't know how much longer her life will be. She may rally for a while and make it to the autumn and her official 100th birthday. But now they've all spoken together and made plans for the future.

As for Jean, she's had a remarkable life, and has two sons, (one who died in infancy, and one who died at age 10) waiting for her in heaven. There are many there waiting to welcome her, and the Lord waiting to tell her, "Well done, my good and faithful servant."


  1. How very special and what a special lady she must be. God is gracious and it was such a precious thing for all the siblings to be together to plan and visit and show love to their mother.
    Your garden work looks great!!

  2. Your garden beds look great . . . can't wait to see all of your beautiful blooming things!!

    I will be praying for Jean and for all who love her. Partings are always hard, no matter the circumstances or the age.

  3. She is such a beautiful woman. Amazingly so in her hundredth year. May she live every one of her intended days. She has a special bunch of kids who will drop everything to see her. Impressive group for sure. The Lord is good.

    My goodness what a lot was accomplished in the yard! Yes, the new mulch looks fabulous. And always nice to train a new driver...I bet Kamryn loved it!

  4. That boy did a lot of work! But how great it all is!

    Yes, she is beautiful and a lucky woman... To be taken care of, by Tim's sister, and having her family come to be around her.

    "Miss BB"


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