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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

A Bit Of This And That


My Zinnia are so beautiful this year. They are really bringing joy in my garden and into the house. Sarah cut a big bunch for me yesterday, and I made them into three bouquets, including one for my mom's bedroom.

We finally had a sit down family dinner last night, so it was my parents first dinner in their new home. I made poppy seed chicken and sliced up some wonderful local peaches.

They have worked very hard, my mom especially. We are happy to have them here. Yesterday they wandered in and out of the living room, sat and visited, and are happily adjusting. My mom especially likes our cat visiting her and sleeping on her bed!

Thank you for your prayers. 

Now for a bit of interesting video.

This is from 2019.

If you don't understand that these people are trying to control us, I don't know what will make you wake up. I saw a clip from Tucker Carlson's show last night and it was excellent and so scary.

Talking heads speaking of our rights in this nation as privileges. Privileges can (and will) be taken from you, rights cannot so easily be taken. 

I am also concerned for my "Unknown" commenter. Three weeks have gone by without a peep from her. I hope she just got bored with me, and not that she has been ill, or worse.

We start our co-op this week. Klaire gets to take a ballet class, so of course I bought her a cute outfit and slippers. {here} and {here

It's an interesting place to be in the middle of kids in the home, grandkids, and parents in the home. I do believe multigenerational living is a blessing to us all. Obviously our grands don't live with us, but some of them live very close to our home, and we spend a lot of time with them weekly.

Well, these are the things on my heart this morning. I hope you have a wonderful day friends.


  1. Your zinnias are beautiful! Ours got a late start this year (Ron had plans for something else in that spot, and then decided against it), so we don't have as many as usual, but they're such cheerful and hardy flowers.

    It is wonderful to see your parents at the family table! You all have worked hard for this change. I'll bet Klaire is as cute as a button in her tutu!

  2. All smiles here this morning except for you know who. It is wonderful to have your parents settling in. Hope that Klaire loves her ballet classes. 🩰

  3. Lovely photo!!!!

    Like all new living arrangements, there will need to be some adjustments. That's only logical. Hope that you all, only make logical ones. Everyone has to "do their part." No one bending too far, out of their comfort zone. Don't know if I am making any sense, but.... Trying to....

    Not watching the clip, since I am already fully convinced. And you certainly know this!

    Watching it, will only cause my blood pressure to rise. And I have just gotten it down, from today's 'batch of weirdness' read about.


    And we have to dwell on/in the beauties of the season. Otherwise, we will burn out. Which makes no sense.

    Gentle hugs,

  4. I wonder if I'm the "unknown" commenter? I've been popping on here regularly and enjoying your posts but I haven't been commenting much. I've noticed that when I comment on blogs it many times comes up as "unknown" and maybe that is what happens here too? I'm pretty technologically challenged and don't know how to change that! If so, I'm here and doing great! I'm Rhonda at Asbery's Echoes! I love, love what you and your folks have done moving in together. What a special thing for all of you! They look very happy in the above photo! And yes, I do believe they are trying to control us. It's scary that people just can't see that. God bless!

  5. I am glad your parents are getting along and enjoying their new digs. Many prayers for all of you to stay happy and healthy. Too many people are listening blind to all that is happening. They just can not believe it is coming down. We know one biblical prophecy has been fufilled so we wait for more. We have to pray. It is unbelievable how quickly they took control of the American people. I read an ignorant comment saying this virus was not created to just control America. They do not believe anything is wrong with marching to the beat of the libs drum. Plus they all are exempt from taking the jab! That alone should make people angry. I truly believe not one of them has taken it not even Trump. It consists of chemicals. It makes me laugh. I know people who pride themselves on eating organic, using organic soap, etc. But they jumped in feet first to grab their jab. enough of this for now. Your zinnias are so beautiful. Lovely to see a photo of some of the phamily too. Take care and keep praying.

  6. Your home sounds full and welcoming with your parents there now. I oppose this vax mandate work around of our Constitution, that means knowingly doing something unConstitutional. I believe vaxes need to be by choice. How nice to have a ballerina in your family.

  7. How wonderful that your parents are in and you were able to celebrate with your first family sit down. You are very lucky to have so much family around you, I know how special that must be!!

  8. What a wonderful time together in your home! I know you all are enjoying these days! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!


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