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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Let's Chat

 We are having a lovely thunderstorm this morning. The doors and windows are open, too, as they have been for days. I love this time of year.

It's nearly October. This month has become a huge birthday month for our family, including a few extended family members. I start the month off on the 3rd, my dil Kayleigh is on the 7th. Isla is on the 10th, Klaire on the 11th, my nephews son Kamden is on the 12th. My bil Dan is on the 13th, and then the best of all, my dear mil will be 100 on the 31st! That's a lot of celebrating and I love it!

Here are a few photos from our trip - 

We had beautiful weather heading to South Carolina on Saturday. That would be our last day without rain for the whole trip!

Here's a photo of all the students at Sarah's school. Have I mentioned it a small school? Sarah is loving being back. She's in the black floral dress in the middle of the photo.

Uncle Kyle is popular with the grands when we visit. He wrestles with them and plays games.

This little dude is so cute.

We spent a part of a day at my nephew's house, too. We just love their family. The boys all played Minecraft together, and the adults had fun chatting and hanging out. They'll be here for Thanksgiving this year, too! Mom and Dad were happy to spend time with them, too! They hadn't seen each other since my nephew Evan's wedding four years earlier!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we are up to 22 people for dinner - all family! I am so excited. I'm already planning my tablescape! We will split up the food so it's not all on Mom and I. We will be cooking the turkey's and making gravy, and we'll probably make the dressing/stuffing as well. 

Do you have plans taking shape for Thanksgiving? I have learned to be flexible over the years with holidays.

Most years Rachel and Weston are in Tennessee with his family for Thanksgiving, some years Lindsay and Joseph have other plans. One year some of us went to Florida to have Thanksgiving with Tim's mom. I wanted to cook and bring my dishes etc, but the family overruled me, and we ate at Cracker Barrel and you know what? It was a wonderful meal and time together. I just embraced it for what it was. Time with Tim's mom, brother in law, our niece and her daughter. (my sister in law was in New York state caring for her mil that holiday)

This year we are discussing whether we can fit everyone in here for the day, with a bunch of little ones, too. So maybe we'll use the fire hall and I'll bring all my dishes, and tablescape stuff like candles and flowers etc. It remains to be seen what we do. But we'll be having a huge family gathering this year, and we are all looking forward to being together!


  1. You are living life!!!!


    Gentle hugs,

  2. Thanksgiving plans shaping up. Gotta do it early. Your 22 sounds like fun! There will be four of us. It will be quiet and very pleasant I'm sure. All I really know is that it is not my turn. 😁

    That is a small school. Hope that it means that each student gets plenty of attention.

    Sorry you had so much rain last week. We did, too. Rain every single day for a week with more rain today. Oh well.

  3. It looks like a lovely time full of family, which is the best. We've learned to be flexible with holidays in the last few years. We used to all be together, 30+ from infants to old age. Now everyone is scattered and it's harder to travel with babies, etc. So we've done a few smaller holidays and a few restaurant ones (which I never thought I'd do!!) and it's all been great. Although, there's nothing better than a houseful of family in my opinion. Enjoy it!!

  4. Nice to have Thanksgiving plans shaping up already. Those Canadians will be celebrating soon. We will have our Thanksgiving conversation in the next few days to see if this year is our year or not. We stay very flexible in our family.

  5. I love these sweet family photos. Family is so important. I remember one particular Thanksgiving when my late husband and I went to a neighborhood buffet for Thanksgiving. It was actually a wonderful experience. A lovely dinner, no clean up, and plenty of time to just enjoy one another. Not bad at all. I think your Thanksgiving with 22 people will be such a blessing. xx


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