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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Let's Chat

 We started school yesterday. Normally Kyle and I have about 20 days of school done by now, but we've been busy with selling my parents house, and getting ours ready for them to move in.

As a girl growing up in California, we always started school the day after Labor Day, and that is what is happening here this year! I only have two more years of home education with Kyle and I want to make the most of it.

We worked hard on Monday, before going to our friends' house in the afternoon. Yesterday, I emptied the vanity in the master bath. It's hard to combine two bathrooms into one, but we want the master bath to be theirs while they live in that space. Tim and Kyle filled nail holes, and painted trim, and after his inspection today, I believe Tim is going to start painting. It's going to go white on white like we did in my Dad's bedroom.

We'll have a week to get the settled in before we all head out on a little road trip. Sarah is going back to school and we are going down with her, and Tim and I will attend the Welcome Dinner with her. Then the next day the we all, other than Sarah, will head to see our daughter Emma and her family, and we'll also see my nephew and his family. My parents haven't seen them in about four years, and haven't met their youngest child yet! It'll be fun!

Then we head home, and my parents close on their house the next day! Pray for us all during these opportunities for high stress, that'd we'd be sensitive to each others feelings, helpful to one another, laugh together.

My dad was telling his doctor all about their move, at an appointment this past week, and his doctor said, "That's great! More people ought to do that!" 

I think we are all looking forward to our little road trip. Real life together starts when we get back. 

I will show you, of course, how we all settle in. 

I'm so grateful that we have the opportunity to have them live with us. They will have family around, including great grands. We'll have dinner together every night. Mom and Kyle have some movie nights planned. Mom and I will plan out a menu for dinners for the week, and we'll go shopping together. I will do the cooking, since I cook every night for my family anyway.

We've managed to find a home for the couches and a coffee table. Mom is keeping her piano, but might be selling her china hutch. It's hard because she is attached to long loved items. I understand that completely. I told her to keep the hutch if she wants, too. She might be able to use it in her sitting room space. Her stress is high, friends. I've just been on FT with her twice. Please pray for peace. Once this week is over, it'll be better. My dad is limited with what he can help with, and she feels like she has to keep him on task as well. It's understandably a LOT to deal with.

God is good, and he will carry us through this challenging time. 


  1. Hi Deanna....I am so looking forward to your photos of Autumn around your home......moving your parents into your home is just heartwarming to read about and yet challenging at the same time. I have been out of pocket as my husband has been in the hospital recovery mode....good to be at home and in real time....hugs and blessings.

  2. Praying for you during this time of change! I think it's wonderful that you are doing this. Years ago, we looked at and considered buying a house that had been built with two master suites and even a second smaller living area. As it turned out, my mother passed away shortly after and my father wanted an apartment close to us instead, so it didn't happen.

  3. God bless you all! You ae one of the most giving people I know and have a true servant's heart....
    What is FT? As much as you love your parents, I hope and pray you take care of yourself in all of this. Don't lose YOU.

  4. I am praying for you all as you face the challenges of change. Even when you know that it is the right thing, change is still hard. I am sure that it is going to be a good move for your mom and dad. I admire your family for working together on all of this. I have to believe that taking care of our own is pleasing to the Lord.

  5. Hubby and I grew up in Southern California and we remember starting school after Labor Day. Praying as I type that all your transitions go well and things smooth out nicely for everyone. Enjoy the road trip. We leave on Sept. 21st for 20 days! YIKES!

  6. Labor Day was always the starting bell around here, too. When I was teaching that was the end of summer. I love that you will have your parents with you. That is always what I hoped we'd do with my mom. Enjoy it all...

  7. "God is good, and he will carry us through this challenging time."

    Amen amen amen. He will.

  8. I was here yesterday, but had such troubles signing in that I had to get that figured out. I guess grrrroogle likes one to be around on a daily basis.

    Praying for you guys knowing full well that The Lord is bringing you along. Any concern can be taken to Him.

  9. Oh, and I love the new header.

  10. and just like that, autumn. beautiful header. :)
    a few years back the hubs and i traveled to the los angeles
    area to help prep my mother for a move to washington state,
    where she now currently lives with my sweet sister shirley
    and her husband and their adult daughter. the process of
    choosing what goes to washington or to goodwill or to an
    online sales source was very very very difficult for mom.
    at that time she was 87 and showing signs of confusion,
    which has since progressed quite a bit. she's settled in
    and has a routine - but the days and weeks leading up to
    the move, the uncertainties etc - were oh so challenging
    for mom. she's cared for, tended to, and loved big.

    praying for your family, your folks - especially your mom - at this time
    of transition and learning new dance steps to a tune unheard. gentle hugs.


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