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Monday, September 13, 2021


 This was moving weekend, and it went great! It was a very long day on Saturday, so many things to move! But they are in and we are in the midst of getting them settled in. I'll have better photos later this week, once some of their boxes have been emptied and stored downstairs!

We have a few items of furniture to get rid of still, and mom thinks that she will not keep her china hutch after all, but other than that, everything is here, including the china hutch! ha! They close on their house in two weeks.

Tim is an incredible servant of people. He has worked endlessly, doing the bulk of the work, with Kyle as a helper. Our great friends, Mike and Daniel, and also Wes, Sarah, Lindsay and Joseph got them packed into the truck and moved.

Sweet relief to have that part over!

My walls are not mustard colored, but I wanted to show you a photo of our cozy bed. Tim and I, our dressers, my bedside table, a chair and a bookcase and California King bed are tucked in this room. We have used this bedroom before, but with a smaller bed. It's completely comfortable, easy to get around in.

My parents have said they are sleeping very well here. That's good. Last night we watched a movie with them that they had not seen. My dad liked it, my mom didn't. Oh well. 

Sarah had friends over last evening for a cookout and a campfire. This begins her last week at home. We leave this weekend to get her settled at school, and visit our daughter Emma and her family in Tennessee. Our faithful house sitters, Wes and Rachel, will be staying here with Watson. The summer has flown.

We are all looking forward to this trip. The summer was full of readying two houses for this move of my parents to our home. So much sorting, tossing, trips to Goodwill, packing. 

Let me just say this. Go through your things. Pass things you don't use or need onto others in your family, or to friends, sell them online, donate them. Don't keep things just because you have room for them. Someone will have to deal with all the things at some point. Tim found a bin with my dad's astronomy notes from his from college classes nearly 60 years ago! They moved them from California 23 years ago, stuck the bin in a storage spot in their garage and haven't remembered they were there all these years!

I'm thankful that I have been sorting through things the last several years. I have a lot of decor stuff and tea pots and tea cups I'll have to deal with one day, but for now they are used and loved.

I may get a bit of fall decor out this week. When we return from our five day trip next week on the autumnal equinox. It will be cozy to return to my collection of small glass pumpkins, throws on the chairs and couch. I need to put fresh batteries in my faux flickering candles. I got mine from Amazon and they are similar to {these.}

I love the flicker and I can use them on shelves and in different spots around my home, without worry of the grands knocking into them or the cat!

Of course I use my diffuser daily for good scents in the house, I have one in my bedroom for sleep (its awesome!). I'm already trying out autumn scents. 

Here is a graphic from Pinterest with some nice combinations.

Well, I should get moving in my day. School with Kyle, some stuff in my room to find a home for, helping my mom in her room. 

Have an excellent day, friends!


  1. So glad that this part has been accomplished with a lot of good help and an excellent foreman. Your bedroom looks very comfortable and cozy.

    My college notes are under my bed. Doubtful that anyone would wish to look them over. Did your dad look over his own notes?

    Your advice is good, but I think that those who will be making the decisions when I am gone will have an easier time of it than I am now. It is
    a struggle.

    Enjoy the week.

  2. W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!!!!!!!!!!

    Completion... Well, nearly completion... -smile-

    Yes, give those things, now. I have been doing this, for years. Not that I had a lot to give, as I am not a collector of stuff or jewelry. And he has too.

    I had to clean out and sell, family home, all by myself, as I was only child. It was hell, no other way to say it.

    So happy that you say, you have house sitters! Hate to see people saying "they will be away." It's an invitation to someone to break in. But! You have house sitters!!!!

    Again, Hooray for you, with the move.


  3. wise words :: go through your belongings.
    yes! sift, donate, give away, throw away.
    this weekend we helped dear friends of ours
    settle in, organize, set up, decorate (a bit)
    their new home in another state. her elderly
    mother moved in with them too so the belongings
    were double in many respects. golly what a job.
    they're exhausted - we are too. it's a good
    sort of tired though because the blessings are huge.
    know what i mean?
    continuing to pray for the transition your
    family is experiencing. hugs.

  4. It's funny the things that you find when you're moving, especially when you have lived somewhere for a long time. When we moved five years ago, having lived in the farmhouse for thirty-five years . . . whew! It was eye-opening. Moving is a good reset, although I don't want to reset very often!

  5. Congrats on making it through the move and beyond. A good feeling I'm sure. Oye about stuff. So much stuff. I keep going through and adding more bags to donate. Have a good trip. We might be traveling some of the same roads you are later in September. We'll be going south through Kentucky and through Tennesee to Asheville, N.C. before we reach our family wedding destination in N.C. Blessings.


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