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Friday, September 10, 2021

Good News Friday


Yes, friends, there is still good news. In fact the crazier the things get, the more people wake up, and start realizing just how these people want to fundamentally change the United States. 

I always used to say, "Why don't these people, who want communism, just go to a communist country to live?" Now I see that the people in this country pushing for those things are controlled by others. They are doing what their 'puppet masters' want. 

For JB there are many areas where he is compromised, but for all of them ultimately it's through China. But behind China, there are the deep state or central bankers. 

Years ago we watched a documentary with a friend about the Rothschilds. Mayer Amschel Rothschild said "Give me control of a nations money, and I care not who makes the laws." 

Do you know that central banks are in nearly every country in the world? (Russia kicked them out this year) The Federal Bank is ours. Did you know its not controlled by the US but is a privately owned bank? (they "allow" the President to pick the the Fed chair) They print our money, and we as a country buy it from them and pay it back with interest. Isn't that amazing? That's what our nations' debt is from.

If you research about it more you'll find the central bankers decided some years ago to bring down the US from prominence and to elevate china. That is why the several of the presidents have made the choices they did. When O got into office there was a 16 year plan to bring the US down. HRC was supposed to be president after him, and she would have finished the job in her two terms. (they cheat to get people on both sides into office) DJT and the people interrupted their plan, even though most of us did not even realize what was going on.

Now they are in such a rush to try to get back to their plan, that everything they are doing is so obvious! They used to do things slowly while we were distracted by sports, and Hollywood. Now we see, and know what's going on.

This photo shows us everything we need to know. GS is not a Rothschild, but he is a controller of people. In the Wikileaks emails from HRC she was often meeting with GS or getting emails from him. He has power, and uses taxpayer monies to fund things like Antifa. These protesters get paid on debt cards. 

In July, JB's spokesperson said this. They lie all the time.

The good news is, we see it and know it, and so do others.

Here is a list of Republican Governor's who are already publicly opposing JB's mandate.

Kristi Noem - South Dakota

Brian Kemp - Georgia (he's compromised by China)

Kevin Stitt - Oklahoma

Greg Abbott - Texas

Kay Ivey - Alabama

Mark Gordon - Wyoming

Bill Lee - Tennessee

Pete Ricketts - Nebraska

Brad Little - Idaho

Kim Reynolds - Iowa

Henry McMaster - South Carolina

Mike Parson - Missouri

Doug Ducey - Arizona

Tate Reeves - Mississippi

The mandate is not a law, and it is Unconstitutional! It won't stand.

They're trying to do many things, but mostly they haven't done anything that can't be reversed. 

I feel very hopeful and cheered by the amount of people who I see are awake and calling their state government and their federal senators and congresspeople! 

Earlier this week, Tim tried calling our Governor's office and kept getting the message that they couldn't take the call. He kept at it for an hour, calling and calling. Just to blow up their phones! LOL! 

If you don't like to talk on the phone, email them. Do it everyday.

These people need to see that we are paying attention now and we must remind them that they work for us!

I see what they are doing as PANIC, actually. The people are now out of their control, because we no longer believe the legacy media, who are just a mouthpiece for the deep state. I do think though that they will try to shut down the internet to keep us from having alternative sources of information, since they have tried by deleting accounts on social media and that hasn't helped.

Have you heard that the sun is "waking up" and they are concerned that solar storms may affect the internet in North America? Isn't that interesting timing? It wouldn't affect the power grid apparently, but the internet. Hum. They are setting the narrative for this possibility.

Also, if you've been paying attention, they keep talking of supply line problems, and people are beginning to see issues with products not being available. I recommend stocking up on food items, and other household products, just in case there are issues. Besides you'll be ready for those pesky winter storms, and not have to run to the store! 

I follow George News online and one thing they posted recently is this -

We are draining the swamp, and the swamp is fighting back! We will win! 

I believe this is happening. I believe they are getting desperate. It's life or death for them. If they lose all their lies come out, all their crimes against the people. They don't want this to happen. In the past they've gotten away with it, and they've protected each other, but I believe that this time, behind the scenes so to speak, they are being fought and that they are going to lose.

Their biggest fear was that we'd wake up. That's why they worked so hard for years to keep us distracted. Why so many of us came to believe there was nothing we could do when they did things that we didn't like or agree with. We'd nearly given up before DJT came along to remind us that the power belongs to the people!

This is why they planned the January 6th capitol 'riot.' Those were FBI assest and Antifa, who did damage to the building. The rally being planned for September 18th is another. They want to try to get people to believe that it is DJT supporters who are being violent. Not the case at all. 

We don't believe in violence!

So many things that people said were conspiracy theories are now shown to be true. 

Tomorrow is 9/11 and is actually the 20th anniversary. Sad day in our nations history. 

Keep praying friends, be wise and be active. Stop watching the main stream media. Enjoy your family, live your life as a free person! 

I'll be back on Monday with my parents all moved in! Wow! 


  1. I'm happy to see the resistance from these states and I'm glad most of our route on our road trip from Washington State to North Carolina will be through red states. Praying...

  2. " (Russia kicked them out this year)"

    God, I love Putin.

  3. Sept. 18th?

    As you can see, I have been lying low. Just being back in Pretty Blog Land is proof of that.

    Wishing you all well, with the big move. A wonderful move, but a big one. But you will all keep calm, and do it. And continue to make it work.

    Many gentle hugs, all round...
    🍁 🍂🍂 🍁

  4. "These people need to see that we are paying attention now and we must remind them that they work for us!"


    I am on my way to finish up shopping for a two-month eventuality because, after tomorrow, no more shopping the way I have been. I am alternately excited and anxious.

    Thank you for the good news this Friday. .

  5. You've done such a great job of summarizing what's going on. We are at war and a lot of us have battle fatigue. It's so nice that you have stepped up to inform and wake people up. Thank you.

  6. I agree with ALL of this. My heart is so heavy on this illegal mandate as it will affect at least one of my sons jobs. He has a wife and family but we are going the unvax route so he says he will work somewhere else and trust that God will provide. I believe this to be true. Unfortunately I live in a state with a tyrant democrat governor. It's hard sometimes to believe how much we are being lied to and how hard they are trying to turn us all against each other. sad, sad.

  7. 9/11... 20 years ago... Afghanistan was a safe haven, for Radical Islamists, to prepare for Terrorist Attacks, on the Free World.

    Today... 20 years later... Afghanistan is again a safe haven, for Radical Islamists, to prepare for Terrorist Attacks, on the Free World.

    Thanks to the ridiculous complete military withdrawl, from Afghanistan, done by this Administration, a week and a half ago.

    Way-to-go, *Uncle Joe*!!!


  8. I just keep praying, the times we are living in just get crazier and crazier. Just breaks my heart:( Enjoy your day and I can't wait to hear all about the move! HUGS!


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