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Friday, September 24, 2021

Good News Friday

 You all know what today is, right?

Arizona Audit Report Day!

Here is a little tidbit of information that we do know from the report. Arizona recently processed 673,000 voter identities with the Social Security Administration and found that 58% had No Match Found! That is huge!

What this means is 390,340 of these "voters" have no social security number! Which means they are fake voters/votes.

This is just from Maricopa County!

The information coming out of that audit are going to be pretty amazing. This also means that those who don't want you to pay attention to the audit are going to try to do some kind of distraction. Last time they thought the audit was coming out we had the bombing in Afghanistan, so be watchful and careful.

Have you seen the videos from the college football games? Tens of thousand of fans all packed in and cheering! 

Penn State 2021 White Out

Fans are hyped to be at games again. Fans all over the nation are also chanting for the most popular president ever, you know the one who supposedly got 81 million votes?  I won't share those videos with you.

Interestingly, they are not having super spreader events from these games.

Many countries are still trying to force the jab on their populations but its not working. There are protests all over the world to oppose mandates and health passports.

How has Bid*n's bullying worked? Vaccine rates have dropped. According to Sydney Powell's newsletter, the week after Bid*n's speech the rates were lower than the week before. On September 2nd, almost 907,000 got a jab. On the 16th of September that number dropped to 773,763 jabs.

Also, in spite of the drop in jabs, the Delta surge seems to have peaked and is on the decline in many states, including those with low jab rates.

Here is an interesting graphic on Sweden and the virus verses Israel.

Sweden is the orange line.

I think the news out of Arizona this afternoon at 1:00pm (4:00 pm EST) is going to start a wave of action. We cannot allow a stolen election to stand.

Also in shocking news - I agree with Bernie Sanders on something!

What he is saying is true and it's why we've had this nonsense for nearly 18 months now. We could have all been given IVM, HCQ and other meds, to take as soon as we got sick and it would have been very inexpensive for our country to do these care packages compared to the cost of lives over Big Pharma wanting us to only get the jab over and over and over and over and over.

Now in personal news.

We had a good trip taking Sarah to school and then visiting with family in Tennessee. Fun times. We got back on Wednesday evening and yesterday my parents closed on their house! It's a done deal! Thank you for all your prayers for us all this summer!

Now Autumn is officially here and its time for me to get my home in order. My parents are nearly done with settling into their rooms, I want to reorganize the closet in our bathroom which is also the bathroom guests use. I need to clear my kitchen countertops and declutter the living room a bit. Right now I have too many pillows in the living room, and they keep getting tossed around to make way for people to sit, leading to a messy space! 

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Thank you for posting this, Deanna. Both MSNBC and CNN have headlines right now that say the Maricopa audit proves Biden won...

    I'll be looking around to see other news and, of course, checking in here. Thanks.

  2. Sweden and I think Denmark has followed, are Wise!!! They have ceased all China Covid rules and etc. And will live or die, living free lives.

    If only we were so lucky.

    Australia is the very opposite, worse than here.

    I have more to say, but.... Almost "why bother?" If people wanted to know, they would Search. Like you and I do. I am getting tired of doing their work, for them.<---Nasty I know. But so!


  3. And wonderful, about your trip and settling in!!!!!!!

    I think, this is what we each have to do... Live our own lives, as we choose. Concentrate on HOME. Find Peace and Joy, at HOME.
    And prepare for a horrible coming winter.

    Enough said...


  4. Once again, quite a bit that I did not know. Thank you for the info. That audit, based on what is now known, definitely needs to go to the next step. There is no 2022 without 2020 getting straightened around.

    Glad that your trip went well. I, for one, hope that you'll be sharing some photos.

    Cozy down into autumn for real! 🍂

  5. things are happening fast and furious in this present time..
    thank you for sharing up to the moment tidbits (which are much
    larger than tidbits, really).. it's amazing how God is allowing
    things to happen to bring eternity that much closer. hugs.

  6. Great info here, thanks. We are in St. Louis today and heading to Kentucky for the next couple of days. Happy Autumn to you!


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