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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Breakfast Out

My niece Carrie and I went to breakfast this morning. We have started a new tradition of having her come of Friday nights and stay over night with us. Last night we watched Fireproof. If you haven't seen this movie - you should! It is really good.

But back to breakfast. Carrie didn't realize that Cracker Barrel served breakfast so that is where we went. We had fun, eating and talking (although poor girl, I talked alot!)
She and I want to get together once a month to go out. If we don't go out, we are surrounded by her fan club of little and big cousins, who all want her attention. She is pretty popular in our family!

Right now they are enjoying the fact that it is going to be almost 50 degrees out today and they have the horses in the arena and are likely going to ride.

Can I just say that I love my life....We may not have it all, but what we have is pretty nice!


  1. I am glad you had a great time at breakfast! Ryan and I are headed to breakfast now too!!! I just love how positive you are with life. You are so thankful for your family and gatherings and it is so evident.

  2. Sweet Carrie! I'm so glad she has you all there. I'm sure it was hard for her to say goodbye to Jen this week.

  3. Warren and I were out to lunch thanks to a Christmas gift from Mikey.

    It is nice to spend time in fellowship with those we love.

  4. Isn't breakfast at Cracker Barrel the best? YUM!

    How sweet that you get together with your neice and spend time together.

    Happiness and contentment are not measured by our possessions. Your testament made me smile!

  5. You might not have it all, but you have what is most important -- close family and lots of love! God bless you!

  6. I am ever so glad you both enjoyed your morning.
    Contentment and loving what ever place in life, you are in at that moment, is all part of finding more of our precious Lord's peace deep with-in ourselves. Enjoy the simplicity of your life my sweet friend. Treasure each tiny moment, for the gift it brings.
    Love & Prayers,

  7. Did you enjoy your breakfast meal at Cracker Barrel? Did you eat biscuits? With gravy? Did you think of me? We don't have Cracker Barrel on the left coast. bah! ;o)

    I'm glad you enjoyed your time. Precious.


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