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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cayden Is On His Way!

Please pray for Alicia from "Our Little Guy!"  Her little guy is on the way!  She and my nephew Ryan are so excited to be parents and have been waiting this little one's arrival.

Please pray for her to have a natural birth - her water broke, but she was not contracting yet so they were talking about starting Pitocin.  I hope that they let her go awhile first and try walking etc to get the contractions going.  Pit is awfully hard to deal with - I know she was wanting to try to go without an epidural as well....

Also when she was younger she broke her tailbone, so she is unsure of how she will do - when it is your first baby you don't have experience to gage your labor against...So please pray for confidence for she and Ryan and for Alicia's body to labor well, and for Cayden to do well!

I will keep you updated as I hear and you also can check out her blog - it's the cute button on my sidebar!

We are praying deal Alicia!  Wish I could be there!


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