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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wireless Connections

I received an early Valentine's gift from my husband. A laptop computer! I am so excited! We bought it from our niece who is flying today to Senegal, West Africa to be a missionary.

I, in my lack of real technological knowledge, thought that since we have wireless at home we would be able to turn this laptop on and connect to the internet right away! Apparently it is a bit more complicated than that...I am online with it right now because of my USB connection.

This made me think of how fortunate we are to be able to be instantly connected with the Lord anytime, anyplace! We don't need special routers, or USB cords or anything. I don't need a password, or even electricity. All I need to do is to lift up my heart to His. I can share anything - and the greatest thing is I don't lose connectivity with Him! As His child, I am always connected!


  1. Mrs. Rabe,
    Thank you my sweet friend for sharing this thought today. I needed this reminder. How true you words are. Access to our Heavenly Father is as easy as uttering a single word....Jesus, or Father, or God.
    Thank you sister. What a tender heart you seem to have.
    Love & Prayers,

  2. What a blessings. Have fun with you laptop!

  3. Amen! He is an awesome God who still loves hearing from us :)

  4. How fun!! God has the best wireless service!!

  5. I neevr thought of that analogy--great---I LOVE my laptop---I sit in my recliner--legs up !!!! I still like to use my wireless mouse on the arm of my recliner--now I can't stand typing on the other kind of keyboards...yep--my Della is a blessing...

  6. We have a direct line with our precious Father. Woohooo!

  7. So very true! What a special blessing to have your niece, Jen, leaving to go overseas and serve the Lord and to help her out in that way, by buying her laptop! Our kids left for the mission field almost a year ago. In fact, my husband and I are mission reps and likely know your family there in Senegal. It continues to be our delight to see God sending out new missionaries. Like someone once said, every time you see a missionary you can say, "There goes a miracle!" Thanks for stopping by Esther's Insights!


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