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Friday, February 27, 2009

Cayden Ryan Is Here!

I have seen photos of my dear great-nephew and he is so cute and sweet!  I am aching to hold him!

Miss Paula (the Grammy) will have photos later, but she wants LeAnn to update Alicia's blog first! 

I am so proud of Ryan and Alicia!  Alicia worked hard to have Cayden and Ryan was right by her side through it all.  They are going to be great parents!

Love you guys!


  1. Such sweet pictures on each blog.

    I am sooo happy that he is here and they are both well.

  2. I seen Miss Paula's pictures. What a doll. congrats on your grear-nephew!!!

  3. Yippee Dippee! Congratualations to all, especially Ryan and Alicia.
    We are so happy for your whole family. God is faithful.
    With love,
    Jen and Kev


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