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Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Link

I had a comment on my post regarding some new medical provisions that were added to the stimulus package...the commenter, whose blog I love, was unaware of anything like this in the stimulus.  I am thankful for her comment because I realized that while our family had been discussing this - my husband had heard of it - I had not read anything about it myself.  Here is a link to an article about it.

I am thankful for such good blogging friends!

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sherry said...

I heard about this little morsel of information but didn't know the full scoop. Thank you for the link, MrsRabe.

The Congress-Critters and Senate don't have to worry about Socialized Medicine because they have the best medical care - for life - paid for by you and me.

But the peasants? Let them eat cake!

Rocky and I were standing in line at Costco today and Rocky wondered aloud "if this (waiting forever and a day) is an example of our future health care. if so, we better stay healthy."


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