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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Middle Creek

Wanting to take advantage of mild temperatures and sunshine, we headed up to Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area.

We really like it there and wanted to hike a bit and see if the snow geese were there yet.  Middle Creek is on the migration path for Snow Geese, Canada Geese and Tundra Swans, although we have never seen the Swans before!  It was amazing.  Next week it is supposed to be even better as the lake should not have any ice on it by then, and that means more geese!

A very kind gentleman let us look through his spotting scope!

Here is what it looked like through the scope...

On our way back to the car we saw an Opossum in the field....
We don't know what he was up to....possums are nocturnal!

The Visitors' Center is a great place to learn about waterfowl and other animals native to Pennsylvania.  They have a great interactive area for kids, we touched the pelts of beaver, otter, coyote, mink, fisher, red fox.  We touched antlers and saw the nests of many kinds of birds.  It was a great day!


  1. So educational but fun! I love these places that have interactive centers!

  2. What a wonderful field trip!

    Love your new header. Is that Williamsburg?

  3. It is Williamsburg! My daughter made my header tonight from a photo I took on our last visit there!

    We are trying new looks for my blog while awaiting news of Cayden.

  4. How neat! How did you get the photo through the scope?

    I like your new header and background.

  5. Yes I did take the photo through the scope - I just put it up to the viewer and snapped!

  6. I thought it was Williamsburg! :-) DH has promised me that we'll go this year once it is decorated for the Christmas holidays. I haven't been there in over 30 years and I want to take TONS of pictures of the neat old buildings!

    Keep up the great decorating work on your blog!


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